Sermon Audio & Video

Date Speaker Series Title Audio Video
2019-11-10 Andrew Fountain Gospel of John 8 A Challenging Story about the Journey of Faith audio /notes
2019-11-03 Andrew Fountain Gospel of John 7 The Woman at the Well - Jesus Sees your Deepest Need audio /notes
2019-10-20 Andrew Fountain Gospel of John 6 God's Love for Humanity audio /notes
2019-10-13 Andrew Fountain Gospel of John 5 Born from Above audio /notes
2019-10-06 Andrew Fountain Gospel of John 4 Anger and Love in the Temple audio /notes
2019-09-29 Andrew Fountain Gospel of John 3 A Different take on turning Water into Wine audio /notes
2019-09-15 Andrew Fountain Gospel of John 2 Why the very first believers were so drawn to Jesus audio /notes
2019-09-08 Andrew Fountain Gospel of John 1 The extraordinary poem hidden in the first 18 verses of John audio /notes
2019-09-01 Andrew Fountain The Temple, from Eden to Revelation audio /notes
2019-08-25 Andrew Fountain A Psalm that will change your life audio /notes
2019-08-04 Andrew Fountain Foundations of our Faith The End of the World amd the Age to Come audio /notes
2019-07-28 Andrew Fountain Making an Effort to Rest audio /notes
2019-07-21 Andrew Fountain Foundations of our Faith Jesus' Design for the Christian Life audio /notes
2019-06-30 Andrew Fountain Foundations of our Faith 6 Loved by God audio /notes
2019-06-09 Andrew Fountain Foundations of our Faith 5 New life in Christ, renewed by the Spirit audio /notes
2019-06-02 Andrew Fountain Foundations of our Faith 4 How the cross and the resurrection changed everything audio /notes
2019-05-26 Andrew Fountain Foundations of our Faith 3 How the World got Broken audio /notes
2019-05-19 Andrew Fountain Foundations of our Faith 2 God and the Spirit World audio /notes
2019-05-12 Andrew Fountain Foundations of our Faith 1 What God is Like audio /notes
2019-04-28 Andrew Fountain The Gospel Message of Jesus: Follow Me! audio /notes
2019-04-14 Andrew Fountain Setting up Stones to Remember what God has Done audio /notes
2019-03-31 Andrew Fountain God Uses Messed-up People audio /notes
2019-03-24 Andrew Fountain 7 Things you might not know about Breaking Bread (Communion) audio /notes
2019-03-10 Andrew Fountain The God Who Carries Us audio /notes
2019-03-03 Andrew Fountain Developing our Gifts 4 Seven Values of Newlife Church, using the church at Antioch as a model audio /notes
2019-02-24 Andrew Fountain Developing our Gifts 3 Empowered to Use your Gifts - Victory in the Christian Life audio /notes
2019-02-17 Andrew Fountain Developing our Gifts 2 Identifying your gifts audio /notes
2019-02-10 Andrew Fountain Developing our Gifts 1 How the Church Grows Up—Why every person needs to play their part audio /notes
2019-02-03 Andrew Fountain Stories of Trusting God: What is He asking You to do? audio /notes
2019-01-27 Andrew Fountain Turning Attacks and Discouragement into Victory audio /notes
2019-01-13 Andrew Fountain Deepening our Relationship with Father, Son and Spirit audio /notes
2019-01-06 Andrew Fountain Evangelism for the Terrified audio /notes
2018-12-30 Andrew Fountain Open your mouth wide, and I will fill it audio /notes
2018-12-23 Andrew Fountain Connecting Deeply with Jesus as a Human audio /notes
2018-12-16 Andrew Fountain The Wise Men audio /notes
2018-12-09 Andrew Fountain A Different Take on How to Please God audio /notes
2018-12-02 Andrew Fountain Remarkable Stories of Fulfilled Prophecies audio /notes
2018-11-26 Andrew Fountain The Psychotherapy Revolution: Accelerated healing of mental illness audio /notes
2018-11-25 Braden Following Jesus audio /notes
2018-11-18 Andrew Fountain Baptism: Leaving the Old and Entering the New audio /notes
2018-11-11 Andrew Fountain A New Revelation of Love audio /notes
2018-11-04 Evert Heskes Kindness: the glue that holds the body together audio /notes
2018-10-28 Anne Fountain For such a time as this: The story of Esther audio /notes
2018-10-21 Bruce Smith Grit and Grace - Lessons from Amos audio /notes
2018-10-14 Andrew Fountain The Dirge, the Dance, and the End of the World audio /notes
2018-10-07 Andrew Fountain Connected with God 4 How to have more of God's life in you audio /notes
2018-09-30 Andrew Fountain Connected with God 3 What on earth does it mean to be "Filled with God"? audio /notes
2018-09-23 Andrew Fountain Connected with God 2 An Honest Look at some Surprising Scriptures audio /notes
2018-09-16 Andrew Fountain Why be part of a Church? audio /notes
2018-09-09 Andrew Fountain Connected with God 1 The Extraordinary Truth about God and Attachment audio /notes
2018-09-02 Andrew Fountain Pactical Prayer 4 God, why are you not listening? Answering the Psalms of Desperation audio /notes
2018-08-26 Andrew Fountain Practical Prayer 3 God how long will you hide your face? Do you even care? audio /notes
2018-08-19 Moe Bergeron "The Last Days" (Isaiah 2:1-3) audio /notes
2018-08-12 Darryl Dash The Good Life and Money audio /notes
2018-08-05 Andrew Fountain Practical Prayer 2 How Jesus motivates us to pray audio /notes
2018-07-29 Andrew Fountain Practical Prayer 1 Four Kinds of Prayer audio /notes
2018-07-15 Andrew Fountain In Christ - connecting with power in your life audio /notes
2018-07-08 Andrew Fountain Stories of a God who Responds audio /notes
2018-07-01 Andrew Fountain Three Men and an Arrogant Emperor audio /notes
2018-06-17 Anne What's Surprising about Dorcas audio /notes
2018-06-03 Andrew Fountain Philippians 9 Philippians: End of series wrap-up audio /notes
2018-05-20 Andrew Fountain Replacing your Inner Bully with the Gentle Voice of Jesus audio /notes
2018-04-29 Andrew Fountain Philippians 8 God supplies our needs audio /notes
2018-04-22 Andrew Fountain Philippians 7 Five ways to stand firm audio /notes
2018-04-08 Andrew Fountain Philippians 6 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me audio /notes
2018-04-01 Chris McLean An encounter with the risen Jesus makes all the difference audio /notes
2018-03-25 Luke Fountain What is God doing with my life? audio /notes
2018-03-18 Andrew Fountain Philippians 5 Making Sense of the Present in Light of the Future audio /notes
2018-03-11 Andrew Fountain Philippians 4 Awe and Wonder at God's Plan for Us audio /notes
2018-03-04 Andrew Fountain Philippians 3 Be captivated by Jesus audio /notes
2018-02-25 Andrew Fountain Philippians 2 Paul shows us how he deals with his own anxiety audio /notes
2018-02-18 Anne Hospitality: An opportunity to be like God audio /notes
2018-02-11 Andrew Fountain Philippians 1 What makes Philippians so unusual audio /notes
2018-02-04 Andrew Fountain Mobilize 3 Learning to live free from condemnation audio /notes
2018-01-28 Andrew Fountain Mobilize 2 Delighting in God: Looking for Pleasure in All the Right Places audio /notes
2018-01-27 Elliot & Andrew How am I choosing to live my life? audio /notes
2018-01-14 Andrew Fountain Mobilize 1 Rebuilding Jerusalem / Mobilizing the Church audio /notes
2018-01-07 Andrew Fountain What is Faith? audio /notes
2017-12-31 Andrew Fountain Living as a Christian in the real world 8 Our 'Need' to be in Control audio /notes
2017-12-24 Andrew Fountain Feeling Empathy from Jesus audio /notes
2017-12-17 David Campbell Living as a Christian in the real world Seven Tools to Make Sense of Suffering audio /notes
2017-12-10 Andrew Fountain Living as a Christian in the real world 7 From Fear to Confidence audio /notes
2017-12-03 Andrew Fountain Living as a Christian in the real world 6 Facing Suffering audio /notes
2017-11-26 Andrew Fountain Living as a Christian in the real world 5 Having Healthy Boundaries audio /notes
2017-11-20 Andrew Fountain The Brain Revolution: New Ideas About Mental Health, Healing and Therapy, With a Christian Response audio /notes
2017-11-19 Anne Fountain Living as a Christian in the real world 4 Hannah's Prayer: There's more happening than we think when we pray audio /notes
2017-11-12 Andrew Fountain Living as a Christian in the real world 3 Forming Helpful Habits audio /notes
2017-11-05 Andrew Fountain Living as a Christian in the real world 2 Manging your time audio /notes
2017-10-29 Andrew Fountain Living as a Christian in the real world 1 Living the Christian Life: at Work audio /notes
2017-10-22 Bruce Smith 6 great reasons to get up and dance! audio /notes
2017-10-01 Andrew Fountain Mark in a Month 4 The message at the centre of Mark: How you can be truly great audio /notes
2017-09-24 Andrew Fountain Mark in a Month 3 Trusting Jesus in the Storm audio /notes
2017-09-17 Andrew Fountain Mark in a Month 2 Mark and the Kingdom of God audio /notes
2017-09-10 Andrew Fountain Mark in a Month 1 Hearing God speak to you personally through the Bible audio /notes
2017-09-03 Andrew Fountain Why follow Jesus? audio /notes
2017-08-27 Andrew Fountain What does it mean to walk in the Spirit? audio /notes
2017-08-20 Moe Bergeron I've had enough Lord--Elijah's Depression audio /notes
2017-08-13 Ian Galloway Suffering and the Kingdom of God audio /notes
2017-08-06 Andrew Fountain Jude: The book you never hear preached audio /notes
2017-07-30 Andrew Fountain The Great Prayer of Jesus audio /notes
2017-07-16 Andrew Fountain How we Grow audio /notes
2017-07-02 Andrew Fountain Do not Judge? audio /notes
2017-06-25 Andrew Fountain Abandonment & Belonging audio /notes
2017-06-18 Andrew Fountain When our Conscience Turns Rogue - The God of all Comfort audio /notes
2017-06-11 Andrew Fountain God's Compassion audio /notes
2017-06-04 Richard & Tricia Bristow The Father Heart of God audio /notes
2017-05-28 Andrew Fountain Filled with the Spirit audio /notes
2017-05-21 Andrew Fountain Power to Live a New Life audio /notes
2017-05-14 Andrew Fountain The Mission of the Church audio /notes
2017-04-30 Andrew Fountain Hebrews 12 The Unshakable Kingdom of Love (Hebrews pt.12) audio /notes
2017-04-23 Danfi Are Christians to be pitied? - The Resurrection audio /notes
2017-04-16 Chris McLean Coming Home audio /notes
2017-04-09 Andrew Fountain Hebrews 11 Don't Choose the Stew (Hebrews pt.11) audio /notes
2017-04-02 Luke Fountain Becoming who God made us to be audio /notes
2017-03-26 Andrew Fountain Hebrews 10 Winning the Race of Life (Hebrews pt.10) audio /notes
2017-03-19 Andrew Fountain Hebrews 9 What is your reality? (Hebrews pt.9) audio /notes
2017-03-12 Andrew Fountain Hebrews 8 Faith, Trust and the Invisible (Hebrews pt.8) audio /notes
2017-03-05 Andrew Fountain Hebrews 7 Washed clean, once for all (Hebrews pt.7) audio /notes
2017-02-26 Andrew Fountain Hebrews 6 The New Covenant (Hebrews pt.6) audio /notes
2017-02-19 Andrew Fountain Hebrews The New Covenant Meal audio /notes
2017-02-12 Andrew Fountain Hebrews 5 The Central Message of Hebrews (pt.5) audio /notes
2017-02-05 Andrew Fountain Hebrews 4 Can a Christian fall away? - Hebrews pt.4 audio /notes
2017-01-29 Andrew Fountain Hebrews 3 Hebrews Part 3 - The Test and the Rest audio /notes
2017-01-22 Andrew Fountain Hebrews 2 Hebrews Part 2 - The Back-Story audio /notes
2017-01-15 Danfi Parker Seek First the Kingdom of God audio /notes
2017-01-08 Andrew Fountain Hebrews 1 Jesus is Better than Everything - Hebrews pt.1 audio /notes
2016-12-18 Andrew Fountain The Birth of Jesus (told by Luke) audio /notes
2016-12-11 Andrew Fountain Testimonies of Praise audio /notes
2016-12-04 Andrew Fountain Why I love Jesus audio /notes
2016-11-27 Andrew Fountain Colossians 10 Two Simple Keys for Living in the World audio /notes
2016-11-20 Anne Fountain What Joshua had for Breakfast audio /notes
2016-11-13 Andrew Fountain Colossians 9 Bringing Heaven down into Family & Relationships audio /notes
2016-11-06 Andrew Fountain Colossians 8 New Clothes audio /notes
2016-10-30 Andrew Fountain Colossians 7 Defeating Temptation with a New Identity and Destiny audio /notes
2016-10-23 Andrew Fountain Colossians 6 The Source of our New Life: United with Christ audio /notes
2016-10-16 Andrew Fountain Colossians 5 Passionate about Christ - the Hidden Treasure audio /notes
2016-10-09 Andrew Fountain Colossians 4 The Song hidden in Colossians audio /notes
2016-10-02 Andrew Fountain Colossians 3 The Power of Thankfulness audio /notes
2016-09-25 Andrew Fountain Colossians 2 A Letter in the Shape of a Tree: Colossians audio /notes
2016-09-18 Andrew Fountain Colossians 1 Truth that brings life - Col 1:1-9 audio /notes
2016-09-11 Andrew Fountain Love, Truth & Power through the Holy Spirit audio /notes
2016-08-21 Andrew Fountain Trusting God in hard times audio /notes
2016-08-14 Ian Galloway Building the Church audio /notes
2016-08-07 Ian Galloway A Generous People audio /notes
2016-07-31 Andrew Fountain God Chooses the Weak audio /notes
2016-07-24 Josh The Living Machine - Community with Purpose audio /notes
2016-07-17 Andrew Fountain Chesed - the most beautiful word in any language audio /notes
2016-07-10 Andrew Fountain Why a Church Needs Home-Groups audio /notes
2016-07-03 Andrew Fountain Psalm 44 --When God doesn't even seem to be listening audio /notes
2016-06-17 Andrew Fountain Can God be Trusted in the Darkest Situation? audio /notes
2016-06-12 Danfi Parker Faith alone saves, but faith that saves is not alone audio /notes
2016-06-05 Chris McLean Thanksgiving audio /notes
2016-05-29 David Campbell A Crowd does not make a Church audio /notes
2016-05-15 Ian Galloway Spirit filled church audio /notes
2016-05-08 Andrew Fountain Leadership and Elders in the N.T. Church audio /notes
2016-05-01 Andrew Fountain Guidance 4 Guidance Part 4: Extraordinary Direction audio /notes
2016-04-24 Andrew Fountain Guidance 3 Guidance Part 3: Having the Son in the Car audio /notes
2016-04-17 Andrew Fountain Guidance 2 Guidance Part 2: Does God direct us, and how? audio /notes
2016-04-10 Andrew Fountain Guidance 1 Guidance Part 1: How not to find a wife, and other stories audio /notes
2016-04-03 Jeremy Simpkins Encouragement audio /notes
2016-03-27 Chris McLean The Great Exchange audio /notes
2016-03-06 Danfi Parker Blessed are those who Limp audio /notes
2016-02-28 April Best Our Adventure with God audio /notes
2016-02-21 Stephen Best Christs Glorious Church audio /notes
2016-02-14 Andrew Fountain The Parable of the Talents audio /notes
2016-02-07 Andrew Fountain What God Loves to Do audio /notes
2016-01-31 Andrew Fountain Prayer and God's Power audio /notes
2016-01-24 Andrew Fountain A New Identity Card audio /notes
2016-01-17 Andrew Fountain Roadblocks in Reading the Old Testament audio /notes
2016-01-10 Tafari James 11 Snapshot of Christian Living audio /notes
2016-01-03 Andrew Fountain How to Make New Year's Resolutions audio /notes
2015-12-20 Andrew Fountain From Above audio /notes
2015-12-13 Danfi Can God be trusted to be fair? audio /notes
2015-12-13 Josh The Journey audio /notes
2015-11-29 Bruce Smith What does Following Jesus look like? audio /notes
2015-11-15 Chris McLean How I Found my Father audio /notes
2015-11-01 Andrew Fountain The Golden Thread audio /notes
2015-10-25 Andrew Fountain Living in the Freedom of the New Covenant audio /notes
2015-10-18 Tafari James 10 Riches, Patience & Steadfastness audio /notes
2015-10-11 Andrew Fountain The Amazing Side-effects of Being Thankful audio /notes
2015-09-27 Andrew Fountain Story of Acts in half an hour audio /notes
2015-09-20 Andrew Fountain David and Goliath audio /notes
2015-09-13 Andrew Fountain New Life in the Spirit -Rom 6 audio /notes
2015-09-06 Andrew Fountain If anyone is thirsty - John 7:37-39 audio /notes
2015-08-23 Tafari James 9 Humility or Boasting, You Decide audio /notes
2015-08-16 Tafari James 8 Choose This Day audio /notes
2015-08-09 Andrew Fountain Endurance (plus Testimonies) audio /notes
2015-08-02 Andrew Fountain Be Strong and Very Courageous audio /notes
2015-07-19 Andrew Fountain Shame audio /notes
2015-06-28 Andrew Fountain The Extraordinary Effect of being Joined to Jesus audio /notes
2015-06-21 Braden Word Team The God who is active behind the scenes audio /notes
2015-06-21 Olesia Word Team Every Good Gift comes from Above audio /notes
2015-06-21 Mark Word Team Faith: the good, the bad and the ugly audio /notes
2015-06-14 Andrew Fountain The Silver Trumpets audio /notes
2015-06-07 David Campbell The one-sentence guide to powerful prayer audio /notes
2015-05-31 Andrew Fountain How to Get More out of Reading the Bible audio /notes
2015-05-10 Tafari Women of Influence audio /notes
2015-05-03 Andrew Fountain Seven More Myths about Christianity audio /notes
2015-04-19 Josh Nadeau Finally Home: The Safety and Joy of Eternity audio /notes
2015-04-12 Andrew Fountain Seven Myths about Christianity audio /notes
2015-04-05 Heather, Andrew & Tafari How I Found Jesus and He Changed my Life: Four stories audio /notes
2015-03-22 Aislinn Word Team Persistent Prayer audio /notes
2015-03-22 Dan Word Team Isaiah 35 audio /notes
2015-03-22 Ainsley Word Team The Syrophoenician Woman audio /notes
2015-03-15 Tafari James Controlling our Words audio /notes
2015-03-08 Homeric Arvanitis The Humble Heart audio /notes
2015-02-15 Andrew Fountain Fifteen ways to love audio /notes
2015-02-08 David Campbell The Turning Point of History audio /notes
2015-01-25 Tafari Hibbert Apologetics - A tool for building faith audio /notes
2015-01-25 Anne Fountain Empowered by Jesus the Bridegroom audio /notes
2015-01-11 Andrew Fountain God's gift of Everything audio /notes
2014-12-28 Tafari Hibbert James 6 Is it Faith or Works? audio /notes
2014-12-07 Andrew Fountain Rituals or Reality audio /notes
2014-11-30 Andrew Fountain When God doesn't seem to keep his promises audio /notes
2014-11-23 Andrew Fountain How to Speak Words of Life audio /notes
2014-11-16 Tafari Hibbert James 5 The Problem of Partiality audio /notes
2014-11-09 Andrew Fountain Parables 19 Jesus Sets his Followers a Challenge audio /notes
2014-10-26 Adrian Birks Fresh starts - the recommissioning of Elijah audio /notes
2014-10-12 Andrew Fountain How to become a Thankful Person audio /notes
2014-10-05 Jeremy Little You're richer than you think you are (Eph 1) audio /notes
2014-09-14 David Campbell The Challenge of Change audio /notes
2014-08-31 Tafari Hibbert James 4 Where Do You Stand? audio /notes
2014-08-24 Andrew Fountain Prayer 3 Prayer in Practice audio /notes
2014-08-17 Andrew Fountain Prayer 2 Prayers that Get Answered audio /notes
2014-08-10 Andrew Fountain Prayer 1 Improving our Prayer Lives audio /notes
2014-08-03 Andrew Fountain A Living Sacrifice audio /notes
2014-07-13 Tafari Hibbert James 3 The Power of our Words audio /notes
2014-06-08 Andrew Fountain Jesus' promise of his presence with us audio /notes
2014-06-01 J.D. Sherman Obedience audio /notes
2014-05-25 Andy Building: The Tower of Babel audio /notes
2014-05-18 Tafari Hibbert James 2 Attitudes to Wealth audio /notes
2014-05-04 David Campbell Faith: the substance of things hoped for audio /notes
2014-04-27 Tafari Hibbert James 1 Strength in Trials - James 1 audio /notes
2014-04-20 Andrew Fountain The Real Truth about the Resurrection audio /notes
2014-04-13 Andrew Fountain Parables 18 Love: Our New Identity. Parable of the Sheep and Goats audio /notes
2014-04-06 David Campbell 2 Peter 1:2-3 - The power of grace audio /notes
2014-03-30 Andrew Fountain Parables 17 A modern take on the Parable of the Dishonest Manager audio /notes
2014-03-23 Andrew Fountain Parables 16 God's Joy over You audio /notes
2014-03-16 Andrew Fountain What does it mean to Eat the Bread of Life? audio /notes
2014-03-09 Andrew Fountain Parables 15 A Surprising Invitation to a Banquet audio /notes
2014-03-02 David Campbell Light in the Darkness audio /notes
2014-02-23 Ant Dube The God of the City audio /notes
2014-02-16 Andrew Fountain Parables 14 Looking for Pleasure in All the Right Places audio /notes
2014-02-09 Andrew Fountain Parables 13 Learning How to Pray in Faith audio /notes
2014-02-02 David Campbell What makes a church? audio /notes
2014-01-26 Chris McLean Leave room for the miracles only God can do audio /notes
2014-01-12 Andy Parables 11 The Parable of the Talents audio /notes
2013-12-15 Andrew Fountain Parables 10 Anxiety, Fear & Security - the Rich Fool audio /notes
2013-12-01 David Campbell Simeon - Walking in God's Will audio /notes
2013-11-24 Andrew Fountain Parables 9 The Parable of the Enemy who sowed Tares audio /notes
2013-11-17 Andy Signs audio /notes
2013-11-10 Andrew Fountain Parables 8 Two Parables about Prayer audio /notes
2013-11-03 David Campbell The Biblical Foundation of Worship audio /notes
2013-10-27 Andrew Fountain Parables 7 The Parable of the Seed that Died audio /notes
2013-10-20 Jeremy Simpkins If anyone's thirsty - be filled with the Spirit audio /notes
2013-10-13 Andrew Fountain Parables 6 The Parable of the Unforgiving Servant audio /notes
2013-10-06 Andrew Fountain Parables 5 The Parable of the Mustard Seed audio /notes
2013-09-29 David Campbell Being filled with the Spirit audio /notes
2013-09-22 Andrew Fountain Parables 4 The Parable of the Sower audio /notes
2013-09-15 Andrew Fountain Parables 3 The Parable of the Good Shepherd audio /notes
2013-09-08 Andrew Fountain Parables 2 The Parable of the Camel and the Eye of a Needle audio /notes
2013-09-01 Don Garlington Parables 1 Introduction to the Parables audio /notes
2013-08-18 Andrew Fountain God's character revealed through stories 10 Stories of a God who is Transcendent yet Humble audio /notes
2013-08-04 Tafari Hibbert Discipleship audio /notes
2013-07-21 Andrew Fountain God's character revealed through stories 8 Stories of God's Compassion and Grace audio /notes
2013-07-14 Andrew Fountain God's character revealed through stories 7 Stories of God's creativity and beauty audio /notes
2013-07-07 Andrew Fountain God's character revealed through stories 6 Stories of a God who is Three in One audio /notes
2013-06-30 Andrew Fountain God's character revealed through stories 5 Stories of a God who is Holy audio /notes
2013-06-23 Andrew Fountain God's character revealed through stories 4 Stories of God who Knows Everything audio /notes
2013-06-16 Andrew Fountain God's character revealed through stories 3 Stories of God's Justice audio /notes
2013-06-09 Brad Lewis I commend you to God and to the word of his grace audio /notes
2013-06-02 Tope Koleoso Living by Faith audio /notes
2013-05-26 Andrew Fountain God's character revealed through stories 2 Stories of God's Faithful Love audio /notes
2013-05-19 Andrew Fountain God's character revealed through stories 1 Stories of God's Power audio /notes
2013-05-05 Andy Lee Newlife Values 10 Moving in Faith audio /notes
2013-04-14 Brad Lewis Pray the Psalms, I dare you! audio /notes
2013-03-31 Andrew Fountain The Empty Tomb audio /notes
2013-03-17 Andrew Fountain Ephesians 10 Singing: the link with being filled by the Spirit audio /notes
2013-03-03 Andrew Fountain Ephesians 9 Wives and Husbands audio /notes
2013-02-24 David Campbell Lazarus audio /notes
2013-02-17 Andrew Fountain Led by the Spirit audio /notes
2013-02-10 Andrew Fountain Love - God's agenda for us audio /notes
2013-02-03 Andrew Fountain Ephesians 8 Does the Bible have a hang-up about sex? audio /notes
2013-01-27 Andrew Fountain Ephesians 7 You can choose! audio /notes
2013-01-20 Brad Lewis Newlife Values 8 Outward Looking audio /notes
2013-01-13 Andrew Fountain Ephesians 6 How do we reach our destiny? audio /notes
2012-12-30 Andrew Fountain Ephesians 5 The Almost Unbelievable Prayer audio /notes
2012-12-23 Andrew Fountain Jesus, the Light, is born into this World audio /notes
2012-12-16 Andy Lee Newlife Values 7 Why be a member? audio /notes
2012-12-02 Doug Nix Newlife Values 6 Giving audio /notes
2012-11-25 Andrew Fountain Newlife Values 4 Filled with the Holy Spirit audio /notes
2012-11-18 David Campbell Newlife Values 5 Leadership in the Local Church audio /notes
2012-11-11 Andrew Fountain Newlife Values 3 Truth and the Bible audio /notes
2012-11-04 Andrew Fountain Newlife Values 2 Grace & Salvation audio /notes
2012-10-28 Andrew Fountain Newlife Values 1 The Church audio /notes
2012-10-21 Andrew Fountain Ephesians 4 The Church as the New Creation audio /notes
2012-10-14 Andrew Fountain Ephesians 3 His great love with which he loved us audio /notes
2012-09-16 Andrew Fountain Ephesians 1 The Central Message of Christianity audio /notes
2012-09-09 Andrew Fountain My Testimony audio /notes
2012-07-08 Andrew Fountain Becoming a Christian audio /notes
2012-06-24 Doug Cryer Importance of Forgiveness audio /notes
2012-06-03 Andy Lee The Father The Father's Love audio /notes
2012-05-27 Doug Cryer The Father God is the Father I Have Always Wanted audio /notes
2012-05-20 Andrew Fountain Not under Law? audio /notes
2012-05-13 Andrew Fountain Responding to God audio /notes
2012-05-06 Andrew Fountain The True Seeker audio /notes
2012-04-29 Andrew Fountain Breaking Bread (Communion) 2 Breaking Bread (Communion) pt2--Where the church went wrong audio /notes
2012-04-22 Andrew Fountain Jesus our Sympathetic Priest audio /notes
2012-04-15 Richard Bristow Dead or Alive? How is your Faith audio /notes
2012-04-08 Andrew Fountain Answering Atheists audio /notes
2012-03-18 Luke, Hlengiwe & Doug Scriptures that have spoken to us audio /notes
2012-03-04 Andrew Fountain What Does "Faith" Mean audio /notes
2012-02-26 Andy Lee Worship audio /notes
2012-02-19 Andrew Fountain Good News audio /notes
2012-02-12 Don Garlington The New Creation in Paul audio /notes
2012-02-05 Andrew Fountain Love, Truth & Power from the Holy Spirit audio /notes
2012-01-22 Richard Bristow Fixing Our Eyes on Jesus audio /notes
2012-01-15 Andrew Fountain A New Life audio /notes
2012-01-01 Andrew Fountain The New Creation (An Introduction) audio /notes
2011-12-18 Andrew Fountain The Christmas Story audio /notes
2011-11-27 Bumo, Tim & Andy Scriptures that have spoken to us audio /notes
2011-10-30 Richard & Tricia Bristow Healing Life's Hurts: Performing vs. Excellence audio /notes
2011-10-16 Bruce Smith The Good Samaritan audio /notes
2011-09-25 Andrew Fountain Receiving more of Christ audio /notes
2011-09-18 Richard Bristow The Race - Learning from Elijah audio /notes
2011-09-11 Andrew Fountain The Presence of God audio /notes
2011-09-04 Andrew Fountain The Gospel: A Story audio /notes
2011-08-21 Andrew Fountain Love - Our New Identity audio /notes
2011-08-07 Andrew Fountain Jesus 4 Why Jesus' Commands are not Legalism audio /notes
2011-07-31 Andrew Fountain Jesus 3 The New Creation audio /notes
2011-07-24 Joji, Grace and Martin Scriptures that have spoken to us audio /notes
2011-07-10 Andrew Fountain Jesus 1 Temptations audio /notes
2011-07-03 Andrew Fountain Prayer 2 Answered Prayer audio /notes
2011-06-26 Andrew Fountain Prayer 1 The Problem of Unanswered Prayer audio /notes
2011-06-19 Richard Bristow Father's Day audio /notes
2011-06-12 Don Garlington Psalm 1 audio /notes
2011-06-05 Don Garlington Psalm 3 audio /notes
2011-05-29 Andrew Fountain Revelation 2 Revelation Pt2 - The Story audio /notes
2011-05-22 Andrew Fountain Revelation 1 Overview of the End Times audio /notes
2011-04-10 Don Garlington It's all how you look at it audio /notes
2011-04-03 David, Denese & Rob John 11, Gen 32 & Ps 131 audio /notes
2011-03-20 Scott Dalton Restoring God's Plan audio /notes
2011-03-06 Joji, Mike, Luke & Anne Scriptures that have spoken to us audio /notes
2011-02-20 Andrew Fountain The Purpose of Worship audio /notes
2011-02-06 Andrew Fountain Paul, consumed with the New Creation audio /notes
2011-01-30 Keith Brooks Jesus is Lord audio /notes
2011-01-23 Andrew Fountain John-6 2 Eating Christ's Flesh and Drinking His Blood Pt.2 audio /notes
2011-01-16 Andrew Fountain John-6 1 Eating Christ's Flesh and Drinking His Blood audio /notes
2010-12-12 Andrew Fountain Happiness, Thankfulness and God's Inexpressible Gift audio /notes
2010-11-21 Andrew Fountain What the humanity of Jesus means for us audio /notes
2010-11-14 Andrew Fountain How does Someone become a Believer? - Stories of Trust audio /notes
2010-11-07 Richard Bristow Why Church? audio /notes
2010-10-31 Andrew Fountain Halloween - What is the Christian's response? audio /notes
2010-10-17 Keith Brooks Is is Arrogant to Claim that Jesus is the Only Way? audio /notes
2010-10-10 Andrew Fountain Thankfulness and Faith audio /notes
2010-04-11 Don Garlington Death and Resurrection audio /notes
2010-04-04 Richard Bristow The Cross audio /notes
2010-03-28 Andrew Fountain Baptism audio /notes
2010-03-14 Andrew Fountain Spiritual Gifts 6 Healing and Sin audio /notes
2010-03-07 Stephen Best Jesus audio /notes
2010-02-28 Keith Brooks Anxiety (Psalm 131) audio /notes
2010-02-21 Andrew Fountain Spiritual Gifts 5 Healing and the Gift of Faith audio /notes
2010-02-14 Andrew Fountain Spiritual Gifts 4 Healing in Practice audio /notes
2010-02-07 Andrew Fountain Spiritual Gifts 3 Examples of Healing audio /notes
2010-01-31 Andrew Fountain Spiritual Gifts 2 A Model for Healing audio /notes
2010-01-24 Andrew Fountain Spiritual Gifts 1 Gifts of the Spirit audio /notes
2010-01-17 Andrew Fountain 2010 Foundations 3 The Truth shall set you Free audio /notes
2010-01-03 Andrew Fountain 2010 Foundations 1 The free gift of everything audio /notes
2009-12-03 Graham Bretherick Anger and Depression audio /notes
2009-12-03 Graham Bretherick Anxiety audio /notes
2009-11-29 Richard & Tricia Bristow Forgiveness audio /notes
2009-11-22 Andrew Fountain Singing Praise to God audio /notes
2009-11-15 Keith Brooks How we can know and show that Christianity is true? audio /notes
2009-11-08 Andrew Fountain Benefiting from the Bible audio /notes
2009-11-01 Andrew Fountain Stories of Fulfilled Prophecies audio /notes
2009-10-25 Andrew Fountain Living Right 7 Love and Law audio /notes
2009-10-18 Andrew Fountain Living Right 6 Practical Love audio /notes
2009-10-11 Richard & Tricia Bristow God's Father Heart audio /notes
2009-10-04 Don Garlington Seeking the Kingdom audio /notes
2009-09-27 Andrew Fountain Living Right 5 Love and the Spirit audio /notes
2009-09-20 Andrew Fountain Living Right 4 Holiness and Purity audio /notes
2009-09-13 Andrew Fountain Gospel Love Truth and Power in Evangelism audio /notes
2009-09-06 Andrew Fountain Gospel Forgiveness of Sin - the Woman who Loved Jesus audio /notes
2009-08-30 Andrew Fountain Living Right 3 Holiness and Love audio /notes
2009-08-23 Andrew Fountain Living Right 2 A Spirit Filled People audio /notes
2009-08-16 Andrew Fountain Living Right 1 Our Identity as a Holy People audio /notes
2009-08-09 Keith Brooks Spiritual Disciplines audio /notes
2009-08-02 Keith Brooks Persistence in Prayer (Luke 11) audio /notes
2009-07-26 Richard Bristow The Parable of the Sower audio /notes
2009-07-19 Andrew Fountain Belonging and Rejection audio /notes
2009-07-12 Richard Bristow Kingdom Kingdom of God - My New Identity audio /notes
2009-07-05 Keith Brooks The Return of the Lost Son audio /notes
2009-06-28 Andrew Fountain The Gospel 7 The Power of the Spirit audio /notes
2009-06-21 Andrew Fountain The Gospel 6 What does a person do to become a Christian? audio /notes
2009-06-14 Andrew Fountain The Gospel 5 Gods Right to Our Allegiance audio /notes
2009-06-07 Andrew Fountain The Gospel 4 How to Give your Testimony audio /notes
2009-05-31 Andrew Fountain The Gospel 3 Presenting the Gospel to Pagans audio /notes
2009-05-24 Andrew Fountain The Gospel 2 The Preaching of Peter audio /notes
2009-05-10 Andrew Fountain Delighting in God 2 Experiencing the Presence Of God audio /notes
2009-05-03 Andrew Fountain Delighting in God 1 Looking for Pleasure in All the Right Places audio /notes
2008-11-02 Roger Bye Bold because they have been with Jesus audio /notes
2008-08-10 Andrew Fountain Evangelism 1 What it means to repent - Acts 17 audio /notes
2008-07-27 Andrew Fountain Colossians Thankfulness audio /notes
2008-07-13 Clyde Matava Evangelism 1 Stirring up Personal Evangelism audio /notes
2008-06-29 Andrew Fountain Colossians Colossians - Part 8 audio /notes
2008-05-18 Clyde Matava A Portrait of Worship audio /notes
2008-05-04 Andrew Fountain Colossians Living as Part of the New Body audio /notes
2008-04-20 Andrew Fountain Colossians Power over Sins of the Flesh audio /notes
2008-04-06 Andrew Fountain Colossians United with Christ: the Heart of the Gospel audio /notes
2008-02-24 Andrew Fountain Colossians Truth that brings life audio /notes
2008-01-13 Andrew Fountain What Holiness Really Means audio /notes
2007-12-09 Andrew Fountain Romans 6-The Two Worlds audio /notes
2007-11-25 Andrew Fountain Vision for Newlife Church Loving one Another audio /notes
2007-09-02 Clyde Matava Making Much of Jesus The Glory Of the Church audio /notes
2007-09-02 Andrew Fountain Vision for Newlife Church Vision for Newlife Church audio /notes
2007-05-27 Andrew Fountain Why Psalm 90 is not in the least bit depressing audio /notes
2007-05-20 Andrew Fountain Luke Why Jesus' commands are not legalism audio /notes
2007-05-06 Roger Bye The good news of the Kingdom audio /notes
2007-04-22 Andrew Fountain Spiritual Gifts The Kingdom and Healing audio /notes
2007-03-25 Andrew Fountain Understanding the story of David and Goliath audio /notes
2007-03-11 Andrew Fountain Spiritual Gifts Learning Christ audio /notes
2007-03-04 Andrew Fountain Luke Temptation - Luke 4 audio /notes
2007-02-25 Andrew Fountain Spiritual Gifts The Shape of Church audio /notes
2007-02-11 Andrew Fountain Spiritual Gifts The Body of Christ audio /notes
2007-01-28 Andrew Fountain Even when it doesn't seem like it, God still cares about you audio /notes
2006-12-10 Andrew Fountain Spiritual Gifts Healing audio /notes
2006-11-26 Andrew Fountain Spiritual Gifts The Acts of the Holy Spirit audio /notes
2006-11-12 Andrew Fountain Spiritual Gifts The Gift of the Spirit audio /notes
2006-11-05 Andrew Fountain Luke God became a man in order to save us audio /notes
2006-10-29 Andrew Fountain Spiritual Gifts Desiring the Gifts audio /notes
2006-09-24 Andrew Fountain Christ Stills the Wind and Waves audio /notes
2006-07-23 Andrew Fountain Who are you following audio /notes
2006-07-09 Andrew Fountain Desperate Households Talking to each other audio /notes
2006-07-09 Dwaine Senechal True Greatness audio /notes
2006-06-25 Andrew Fountain Spiritual Gifts Spiritual Gifts in the Church pt.1 audio /notes
2006-05-07 Andrew Fountain Idolatry and Control audio /notes
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