Andrew Fountain - Spiritual Gifts 3: Examples of Healing


(Part 3 of Series on the Gifts of the Spirit)

1. Overview of the connection between healing and love

  1. We saw in the Old Testament that
  2. An example of this is Jericho
  3. A large number of healing miracles in the Bible happened by touch
  4. Holiness in the New Covenant
  5. What does this mean in Practice?

2. Some examples of the healing/love connection

  1. Scripture
  2. Videos

3. Tie up some loose ends from last time

4. Factors in Healing

  • Kingdom authority
    • Jesus: “take up your bed and walk”
    • “be healed in the name of Jesus!”
  • Prophetic word (e.g. Katherine Kuhlman)
    • Paul: “seeing that he had faith to be healed”
    • Kuhlman: “there is someone here who has had a pain in their left ankle for 3 weeks”
  • Faith
    • Jesus: “Your faith has made you whole”
    • Oral Roberts: “I claim this healing as mine because of what Jesus has done”
  • Sin
    • Jesus: “See, you are well! Sin no more, that nothing worse may happen to you.”
    • “Is there anyone you need to forgive?”
  • Prayer
    • James: “the prayer of faith will save the sick”
    • Jesus: “men always ought to pray and not lose heart”
    • Soak in prayer and gradual recovery (e.g. Guy Chevreau)
  • Love
    • as discussed
  • presence of God (e.g. during worship)
    • My shoulder was healed. Irish man with a stroke
  • Preaching the Truth
    • Jesus and Paul
  • Gifting
    • 1 Cor 12:30 “Not all have gifts of healing, do they?”
  • See how many of them appear in
  • How do these all relate?

Next time: a model

  • How do we actually go about it?
  • We have to be obedient
    • we are told to pray for the sick, so lets do it!

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