Andrew Fountain - The Gospel 4: How to Give your Testimony


  • On two occasions Luke records Paul giving his testimony.

Opportunity to Speak

  • Describe background...
  • Paul had a golden opportunity at both of these times to tell them a regular Gospel message about their sin, their need for forgiveness, the death of Jesus as means to forgive us our sin etc...
  • But instead... he tells his testimony!

Birth and Upbringing

  • Notice how careful he is to identify with the listeners
    • he picks out anything that can be a point of contact so they can see themselves in his position
    • If I have a story that you cannot possible relate to, it won’t make so much impact on you
    • If I say “I was a cannibal and used to eat people”, most of you won’t say, “Hey, I can identify with that!”
  • Agrippa might not understand it so well, so Paul explains

The Kind of person Paul was before he met Jesus

  • Jews: I was just like you (they knew). I was even more zealous than you. I did it by the book!
  • Agrippa: Explained in more detail just what a horrible person he was

Events leading up to meeting Jesus

  • The tension rises as he approaches the climax of the story

Encounter with Jesus

  • The key events are very similar, but he expands a bit more in Jerusalem
  • However, when talking to the Jews he totally leaves out of the story the reference to the Gentiles because that will shut them down and they will stop listening to him
    • As we will see, he leaves that till later...

Immediately after Meeting Jesus

  • When speaking to the Jews he spends a lot more time telling them about Ananias
    • He makes the point that this is another good Jew
    • Someone they would respect

Jesus Sets a New Direction for Paul’s Life

  • He had put this bit in earlier for Agrippa
    • Paul is now a changed man!
    • Not killing, but giving his own life to bring the message of peace and hope!

Paul Begins a New Life of Following Jesus

  • Now I follow Jesus!
    • But he doesn’t hold back from mentioning the Gentiles
    • He could have... (see thesis)

Reaction from Listeners

  • He planted seeds!
  • Share your stories!

Updated on 2009-09-28 (r.76) by Andrew Fountain


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