Andrew Fountain - The Gospel 2: The Preaching of Peter

The events of Acts Chapter 3

  • We are going to read Acts 3:1-4:4 and then in a few mins we will watch it on video from the Visual Bible
    • The healing
    • The Message

What we can learn?

1. Not everything in this account can be directly applied to our situation

  • Differences

2. But some things can

  • We need to pray for the sick
  • Peter was very direct about what they should do
    • He told them how serious their situation was (v.23-destroyed!)
    • He told them to repent from their sin

3. I was praying last night about the fact that we don’t see a lot of healing

  • Healing is just one of the good things about God’s Kingdom
    • So we need to highlight all the things we have through Jesus
  • We are going to be planning this summer how we are going to do evangelism

Pray for the sick



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This is my favourite Gospel,

This is my favourite Gospel, amen