Andrew Fountain - Spiritual Gifts 6: Healing and Sin


1. Original Sin

  • Why is there suffering and death in the world?
    • The Bible Does address this problem in Romans 5
    • The best solution is to understand the difference between guilt and consequences
    • Jesus has come to totally reverse all the evil that has come about as a consequence of Adam’s sin

2. Sickness and Sin

  • all pain, suffering and death is ultimately due to sin
    • Sometimes there is a direct connection, often there is not John 9:2-3
  • We must distinguish between consequences and punishment
    • The goal of discipline is that we should grow and mature, whereas punishment is about justice
  • Places in the Bible where sickness is linked to sin

3. What kinds of Sin?

4. What do we do about it?

(I don’t agree with too much emphasis on confessing sin to others)

  1. Ask God to show you if you have sinned
  2. Be willing and open to what he has to say
    • particularly with relational-type sins like causing disunity or unforgiveness
    • but also sins like rebellion or sexual sins
  3. Confess the sin to God and ask for forgiveness
    • with a determination in the heart to turn from it (even though you might slip back from time to time)
    • If it is against another person, and appropriate, confess it to them and ask for forgiveness
  4. Ask for healing
  5. If you think that demonic powers may be involved, then you need help from others

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