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Sermon Outline - Managing your Time

Managing your Time

The goal is to learn how we can use our time
more effectively
to achieve the purpose
for which God has put us here.

  1. What to do (3 points)
  2. How to get it done (3. points)

Useful links to books and websites on managing your time

Alfred the Great

Alfred the Great

Image source: Wikipedia

  • The inventor of time management was a Christian
  • 853-899 King of Western England…reat.html
  • The Saxons were not very sophisticated, very basic homes, no education, living off the land.
  • The king would generally fight all day and get drunk all night
    • Not live in a palace but in a long-house
  • Alfred became a Christian, and taught himself to read Latin so he could read the Bible.
    • Here was a problem—he wanted to study and spread the gospel
    • But he also had to rule the kingdom.
  • He decided that he would spend:
    • 8 hours a day sleeping
    • 8 hours ruling the kingdom
    • 8 hours in study, prayer & reading the Bible and translating into English
  • But how?
    • He invented one of the first known clocks.
    • Mark I was three different sized candles
    • Mark II was a single candle with gradulations down the side
  • God blessed his rule in an amazing way
    • He came up with the idea of a Navy, which saved the kingdom from the Vikings
    • He not only defeated his Viking arch-enemy, but led him to salvation in Christ
    • He came up with the idea of the jury system

Psalm 90:12

“So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom.” ESV

  • God says at the end of this Psalm that he will establish the work of our hands, and what Alfred did with his time not only established Christianity in Britain, but over a thousand years later has impacted justice across the whole world.

Sermon Outline: Managing your Time

  1. What to do
    1. The Important vs the Urgent
    2. Time for self-care
    3. “Pick Three”
  2. How to get it done
    1. A “trusted system” where you record everything you have to do
    2. Pray about the order, and write a list for the day
    3. Don’t change the order!

“So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom.” Ps 90:12

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