Tafari Hibbert - Discipleship



What is Discipleship?

  • Mentoring, coaching, are other words for discipleship
  • Definition: Mature Christian taking another Christian under wing and sharing their life and friendship with them to grow them in Christ
  • What are some examples of discipleship in the bible?

Discipleship: Example

  • Paul is a good example of discipleship that we will explore
  • Gamaliel and Paul
    • Discipleship forms and strengthens foundations
  • Barnabas and Paul
    • People who disciple others take chances on them
    • A mentor is not afraid that the disciple may surpass them

Discipleship: Key Ingredients

  • Not just theory but practical application
  • Friendship
  • Pass it on!
    • Paul and Timothy (Acts 16: 1-3)

Why Discipleship?

  • The desire to learn (foundations, core teaching)
  • The desire to grow
  • The desire for effective service


  • My Testimony of Discipleship

Interested in Discipleship?

  • A few ground rules
    • Men with men, and women with women
    • Both sides need to be open, transparent and accountable
    • Based on friendship
    • Lots of prayer
  • Please talk to any of the leadership if interested in being involved

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