Jesus' promise of his presence with us

Andrew Fountain
Sun, 2014-06-08
  1. John 14, highlighting the people involved
    • So it falls into two acts:
      • Act 1: Three actors: Father, Jesus and Us
      • Act 2: Five actors: The Spirit and the World are added
        • We are going to see that Act 1 is about not being troubled in the long term:
        • Act 2 is about what happens in the meantime
  2. John 14, highlighting the actions believe, love and obey commandments
    • Act 1 is about believing: (the future)
    • Act 2 (the present) is about loving and obeying which seem to amount to the same thing
  3. John 14, highlighting indwelling
    • Act 1 is about Jesus’ relationship with the Father
    • Act 2 is about the Father and Jesus living in Us by means of the Spirit
  4. John 14, highlighting everything
    • Argument of Act 1: it all hinges on believing what Jesus promises us
    • Argument of Act 2: “I will not leave you orphans”
      • the Spirit is the channel of love that flows to us from the Father and from Jesus
  1. What does the Spirit in us actually look like?
    • Two ways it works
  2. Is it conditional on our obedience?
    • John 15
      • they flow out of one another: the Spirit in us, and love


  1. Do you need to feel the comfort of Jesus?
  2. Do you want more of the presence of God?