Andrew Fountain - The Gospel 6: What does a person do to become a Christian?


A. The Big Picture (review)

  1. There is a cosmic struggle between God and the forces of evil
  2. The Battle
  3. God’s Battle Plan
  4. We are all caught up in this

B. What actually happens when we are saved

  1. The Holy Spirit is working in us
  2. Faith / Repentance
  3. We become a new creation

C. What do we tell people to do?

  • Repent and Believe
  • What exactly do you have to believe?

1. Who God is:

  • Abilities (things that are not like us)
  • Character (ways that he wants us to be like him)

2. What Does God Offer?

3. What Does God Require?

  1. Acknowledging Jesus—we publicly declare we are following him
  2. Put Jesus before everything
  3. To “take up your cross”, in other words, to follow his example of selfless love, even if it means suffering

4. How Do We Respond?

  • essential to recognize your need and helplessness
    • to completely trust Jesus to care and provide for you
  • Rest: We have heavy burdens: Matthew 23:4
  • You can say something like:
    • “Please forgive me God for living my life as if I didn’t belong to you”
    • “Please give me your amazing gift of new life in Jesus”
    • “I want to follow Jesus for the rest of my life”

5. How Do We Know it has Happened?

  • Evidence of Jesus living in us
    • love for other Christians—wanting to be with them
    • hunger to learn more of him
    • desire to pray and talk to God

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