Andrew Fountain - Spiritual Gifts 2: A Model for Healing


(Part 2 of Series on the Gifts of the Spirit)

1. The Old Testament Concept of Holiness

  • Leviticus 11:32
  • So what happens if something clean touches something unclean?
  • So what happens if something holy touches something non-holy?
  • So what kinds of things were holy

2. Jericho

  • Concept of Chêrem —devoted to God (usually as a sacrifice)
    • Closely associated with being holy (Lev 27:20-21,28)
      • Leviticus 27:28 “every devoted thing (chêrem) is most holy to the Lord.
  • Jericho, as a city was declared by God to be chêrem
    • a few things could be purified: silver and gold, and every vessel of bronze and iron
    • The holy touched the non-holy and the evil was destroyed

3. Now the punch-line

  • Old Testament
  • New Testament
    • I was very surprised by the number of times Jesus healed with just a touch
      • He didn’t utter a single word, but his touch healed
    • Here are some examples:
    • Matthew 8:14-15 and other references
  • Did the Apostles heal in the same way? —often they did

4. Holiness in the New Covenant?

5. What does this mean in practice?

  • I am not claiming that this is the only way God heals!
    • But there does seem to be a strong pattern
    • I am not going to guarantee that if you radically following Jesus in loving others and denying yourself that you will become an amazing healer
    • But on the other hand, if you do want to heal then my best answer is to pursue love
    • After all why heal?—out of a heart of compassion?
    • Matthew 20:32-34 Heart of Compassion

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