Andrew Fountain - Spiritual Gifts 5: Healing and the Gift of Faith


(Part 5 of Series on the Gifts of the Spirit)

0. Review

  • God can heal anybody, any time, anywhere by any means, with or without faith
    • But most of the time there is some faith involved
  1. Faith is what the Father is looking for
  2. It is an object lesson of salvation
  3. Specifically it was faith in Jesus that the Father wanted to highlight

1. Promises of Faith and the Supernatural

2. What is Faith?

3. So what has God promised?

  • Sam Storms’ five kinds of faith for healing (Spiritual Gifts p.56f)
  1. Faith that God is your sole source for blessing
    • that he is your hope and he alone
  2. Faith in God’s ability to heal
  3. Faith in God’s heart for healing
    • Faith in his goodness and desire to bless his children
  4. That God not only can heal today, but he actually does
    • Faith that healing is part of God’s purpose and plan for his people today
  5. The faith that it is his will to heal right now

4. Application

  • “gift of healings”
    • What that means is that he consistently gives them revelations of his will to heal
  • What if we are praying for someone but don’t have a word from God that he will heal them?
    • Romans 12:4-8 — we exercise our gift in accordance with our faith
  1. We need teaching on healing as a basis for our faith
  2. We need to pray with whatever faith we have
    • revelation of his will God has given us for that situation
  3. It seems from experience that if we keep using what faith we have, God will give us more

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