Andrew Fountain - Spiritual Gifts 4: Healing in Practice


  • Video shown during sermon—first 5min 30secs of:
  • Recommended books:
    • Healing Today (good discussion on God’s sovereignty)
    • Spiritual Gifts by Sam Storms (a first class New Testament scholar and a brilliantly practical book)
    • Power Healing by John Wimber

1. Issues:

  1. Healing in the atonement?
  2. Why are some people not healed?
    • the concept of “the already and the not yet” See Chart: 2ages.svg

2. The Rôle of Faith

  • Healing can quite easily take place with no faith whatever in the person being healed
  • Healing seems to take place on occasions with virtually no faith in the healer
    • John Wimber video shown here
  • God can heal anybody, any time, anywhere by any means, with or without faith
    1. Faith is what the Father is looking for
    2. It is an object lesson of salvation
    3. Specifically it was faith in Jesus that the Father wanted to illustrate

3. The Kingdom model of Divine Healing

  1. The Question
    • Mar 10:51 Then Jesus said to him, “What do you want me to do for you?” The blind man replied, “Rabbi, let me see again.”
  2. The Diagnosis
    • Joh 5:14 After this Jesus found him at the temple and said to him, “Look, you have become well. Don’t sin any more, lest anything worse happen to you.”
    • 2 Kings 5 — Naaman sick with leprosy
      1. Elisha sent out a messenger who told him, “Go and wash seven times in the Jordan; your skin will be restored and you will be healed.”
      2. Naaman went away angry. He said, “Look, I thought for sure he would come out, stand there, invoke the name of the Lord his God, wave his hand over the area, and cure the skin disease.
  3. The Prayer Selection
    1. Repentance for sin
    2. Inner healing (emotional hurts)
    3. Physical healing
    4. Deliverance from demonic activity
  4. Pray
    • Charles Kraft:
      • “Let’s pray and see what God will do?”
  5. Post-prayer direction

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