Sermon Audio & Video

Date Speaker Series Title Audio Video
2021-02-28 Andrew Fountain Understanding the Old Testament 15 Why Idolatry is such a big theme in the Old Testament audio /notes
2021-02-21 Anne Fountain Understanding the Old Testament 14 The Bible and Archeology audio /notes
2021-02-14 Andrew Fountain Understanding the Old Testament 13 New Creation (3) - How to live in the New Creation while still in the Old audio /notes
2021-01-31 Andrew Fountain Understanding the Old Testament 12 New Creation (2) - How it started with a New Eden audio /notes
2021-01-24 Andrew Fountain Understanding the Old Testament 11 New Creation - The Big Story of the Bible audio /notes
2021-01-17 Andrew Fountain Understanding the Old Testament 10 Chesed - A kind of love we have no English word for audio /notes
2021-01-03 Andrew Fountain Understanding the Old Testament 9 "I will be with you!" - The Era from Abraham to Joseph" audio /notes
2020-12-27 Andrew Fountain God's Gift of Everything audio /notes
2020-12-20 Andrew Fountain Understanding the Old Testament 8 Jesus, the Light of the World audio /notes
2020-12-06 Andrew Fountain Understanding the Old Testament 7 Has Jesus done away with the Law? - Answering the problems that come up audio /notes
2020-11-29 Andrew Fountain Understanding the Old Testament 6 The Covenants - the Backbone of the Old Testament audio /notes
2020-11-22 Andrew Fountain Understanding the Old Testament 5 Making Sense of the Flood audio /notes
2020-11-15 Andrew Fountain Understanding the Old Testament 4 Old Testament Shadows and Types audio /notes
2020-11-01 Andrew Fountain Understanding the Old Testament 3 The "Fall" and the Big Story audio /notes
2020-10-25 Andrew Fountain Understanding the Old Testament? 2 Creation audio /notes
2020-10-18 Andrew Fountain Understanding the Old Testament? 1 Why Study the Old Testament? audio /notes
2020-10-11 Andrew Fountain Thankfulness Celebrating Thanksgiving audio /notes
2020-10-04 Andrew Fountain Thankfulness 2 When Thanksgiving Leads to Victory audio /notes
2020-09-27 Andrew Fountain Thankfulness 1 Giving Thanks Always and for Everything audio /notes
2020-09-20 Andrew Fountain What the David and Goliath story is really about audio /notes
2020-09-06 Andrew Fountain Gospel of John 37 Meeting Jesus in the pages of John audio /notes
2020-08-30 Andrew Fountain Gospel of John 36 From Shame and Sin to Strength—How Jesus Restored Peter audio /notes
2020-08-23 Andrew Fountain Gospel of John 35 A Meal on the Beach with Jesus audio /notes
2020-08-09 Andrew Fountain Gospel of John 34 What we can learn from Mary Magdalene at the Empty Tomb audio /notes
2020-08-02 Andrew Fountain Gospel of John 33 How Jesus' Resurrection Directly Empowers Us audio /notes
2020-07-19 Andrew & Anne Fountain Gospel of John 32 Jesus' Burial, with some Insights from Archeology audio /notes
2020-07-05 Andrew Fountain Gospel of John 31 Why John is so selective when telling the story of the Crucifixion audio /notes
2020-06-21 Andrew Fountain Gospel of John 30 What we can learn about ourselves from Pilate audio /notes
2020-06-14 Andrew Fountain Bread & Wine: the Body of Christ United audio /notes
2020-06-07 Andrew Fountain Gospel of John 29 Betrayed, Arrested, Abandoned, Denied and Abused - John 18 audio /notes
2020-05-31 Andrew & Anne Fountain How We Should Bring our Complaints to God (Psalms 54, 142) audio /notes
2020-05-24 Andrew Fountain Gospel of John 28 Our Destiny: to Receive and to Give Divine Love - John 17 audio /notes
2020-05-17 Andrew Fountain Gospel of John 27 The High Point in the whole of Jesus' Teachings audio /notes
2020-05-03 Andrew Fountain Gospel of John 26 Safe and Sent: Coming to Grips with the Challenge of Jesus in John 17 audio /notes
2020-04-26 Andrew Fountain Gospel of John 25 John 17: THe Greatest Prayer in the Bible audio /notes
2020-04-19 Andrew Fountain Gospel of John 24 Do This... so that Your Joy may be Full audio /notes
2020-03-29 Andrew Fountain Gospel of John 23 What does the Promise of the Spirit of Truth mean for us? audio /notes
2020-03-22 Andrew Fountain Gospel of John 22 My peace I give to you... Do not let your hearts be troubled or be fearful audio /notes
2020-03-15 Andrew Fountain Gospel of John 21 The Flow of God's Energy - Jesus Explains how to be Connected to the Vine audio /notes
2020-03-08 Andrew Fountain Gospel of John 20 The Breathtaking Invitation by Jesus into a New Dimension of Connection to with God audio /notes
2020-03-01 Andrew Fountain Gospel of John 19 Let not your Hearts be Troubled - Jesus Reveals Surprising Things about the Father audio /notes
2020-02-23 Andrew Fountain Gospel of John 18 The God who will Love You to the End and Wash Your Feet audio /notes
2020-02-16 Andrew Fountain Gospel of John 17 Jesus' last days of teaching: Why so few really 'got' him. Can you? audio /notes
2020-02-09 Andrew Fountain Gospel of John 16 How come Jesus weeps before raising Lazarus? --The Good Shepherd in Action audio /notes
2020-02-02 Andrew Fountain Gospel of John 15 The deeper, fuller meaning of the parable of the Good Shepherd audio /notes
2020-01-12 Andrew Fountain Gospel of John 14 How the Man Born Blind challenges you and me audio /notes
2019-12-29 Andrew Fountain 'The Lord is my Shepherd' brought to life with David's own stories audio /notes
2019-12-22 Andrew Fountain Immanuel: Feel empathy from Jesus who is truly With Us and understands our weakness audio /notes
2019-12-15 Andrew Fountain Gospel of John 13 Getting Free from the Lies that Drag us into Darkness audio /notes
2019-12-08 Andrew Fountain Gospel of John 12 If anyone is thirsty audio /notes
2019-12-01 Andrew Fountain Gospel of John 11 A deeper look at the strange words: 'Eat my flesh and drink my blood' audio /notes
2019-11-24 Andrew Fountain Gospel of John 10 What on earth does it mean to 'feed on Jesus' and why this is one of the most important things you can ever learn audio /notes
2019-11-17 Andrew Fountain Gospel of John 9 New Life at the Pool - Healing followed by some radical claims audio /notes
2019-11-10 Andrew Fountain Gospel of John 8 A Challenging Story about the Journey of Faith audio /notes
2019-11-03 Andrew Fountain Gospel of John 7 The Woman at the Well - Jesus Sees your Deepest Need audio /notes
2019-10-20 Andrew Fountain Gospel of John 6 God's Love for Humanity audio /notes
2019-10-13 Andrew Fountain Gospel of John 5 Born from Above audio /notes
2019-10-06 Andrew Fountain Gospel of John 4 Anger and Love in the Temple audio /notes
2019-09-29 Andrew Fountain Gospel of John 3 A Different take on turning Water into Wine audio /notes
2019-09-15 Andrew Fountain Gospel of John 2 Why the very first believers were so drawn to Jesus audio /notes
2019-09-08 Andrew Fountain Gospel of John 1 The extraordinary poem hidden in the first 18 verses of John audio /notes
2019-09-01 Andrew Fountain The Temple, from Eden to Revelation audio /notes
2019-08-25 Andrew Fountain A Psalm that will change your life audio /notes
2019-08-04 Andrew Fountain Foundations of our Faith The End of the World amd the Age to Come audio /notes
2019-07-28 Andrew Fountain Making an Effort to Rest audio /notes
2019-07-21 Andrew Fountain Foundations of our Faith Jesus' Design for the Christian Life audio /notes
2019-06-30 Andrew Fountain Foundations of our Faith 6 Loved by God audio /notes
2019-06-09 Andrew Fountain Foundations of our Faith 5 New life in Christ, renewed by the Spirit audio /notes
2019-06-02 Andrew Fountain Foundations of our Faith 4 How the cross and the resurrection changed everything audio /notes
2019-05-26 Andrew Fountain Foundations of our Faith 3 How the World got Broken audio /notes
2019-05-19 Andrew Fountain Foundations of our Faith 2 God and the Spirit World audio /notes
2019-05-12 Andrew Fountain Foundations of our Faith 1 What God is Like audio /notes
2019-04-28 Andrew Fountain The Gospel Message of Jesus: Follow Me! audio /notes
2019-04-14 Andrew Fountain Setting up Stones to Remember what God has Done audio /notes
2019-03-31 Andrew Fountain God Uses Messed-up People audio /notes
2019-03-24 Andrew Fountain 7 Things you might not know about Breaking Bread (Communion) audio /notes
2019-03-10 Andrew Fountain The God Who Carries Us audio /notes
2019-03-03 Andrew Fountain Developing our Gifts 4 Seven Values of Newlife Church, using the church at Antioch as a model audio /notes
2019-02-24 Andrew Fountain Developing our Gifts 3 Empowered to Use your Gifts - Victory in the Christian Life audio /notes
2019-02-17 Andrew Fountain Developing our Gifts 2 Identifying your gifts audio /notes
2019-02-10 Andrew Fountain Developing our Gifts 1 How the Church Grows Up—Why every person needs to play their part audio /notes
2019-02-03 Andrew Fountain Stories of Trusting God: What is He asking You to do? audio /notes
2019-01-27 Andrew Fountain Turning Attacks and Discouragement into Victory audio /notes
2019-01-13 Andrew Fountain Deepening our Relationship with Father, Son and Spirit audio /notes
2019-01-06 Andrew Fountain Evangelism for the Terrified audio /notes
2018-12-30 Andrew Fountain Open your mouth wide, and I will fill it audio /notes
2018-12-23 Andrew Fountain Connecting Deeply with Jesus as a Human audio /notes
2018-12-16 Andrew Fountain The Wise Men audio /notes
2018-12-09 Andrew Fountain A Different Take on How to Please God audio /notes
2018-12-02 Andrew Fountain Remarkable Stories of Fulfilled Prophecies audio /notes
2018-11-26 Andrew Fountain The Psychotherapy Revolution: Accelerated healing of mental illness audio /notes
2018-11-25 Braden Following Jesus audio /notes
2018-11-18 Andrew Fountain Baptism: Leaving the Old and Entering the New audio /notes
2018-11-11 Andrew Fountain A New Revelation of Love audio /notes
2018-11-04 Evert Heskes Kindness: the glue that holds the body together audio /notes
2018-10-28 Anne Fountain For such a time as this: The story of Esther audio /notes
2018-10-21 Bruce Smith Grit and Grace - Lessons from Amos audio /notes
2018-10-14 Andrew Fountain The Dirge, the Dance, and the End of the World audio /notes
2018-10-07 Andrew Fountain Connected with God 4 How to have more of God's life in you audio /notes
2018-09-30 Andrew Fountain Connected with God 3 What on earth does it mean to be "Filled with God"? audio /notes
2018-09-23 Andrew Fountain Connected with God 2 An Honest Look at some Surprising Scriptures audio /notes
2018-09-16 Andrew Fountain Why be part of a Church? audio /notes
2018-09-09 Andrew Fountain Connected with God 1 The Extraordinary Truth about God and Attachment audio /notes
2018-09-02 Andrew Fountain Pactical Prayer 4 God, why are you not listening? Answering the Psalms of Desperation audio /notes
2018-08-26 Andrew Fountain Practical Prayer 3 God how long will you hide your face? Do you even care? audio /notes
2018-08-19 Moe Bergeron "The Last Days" (Isaiah 2:1-3) audio /notes
2018-08-12 Darryl Dash The Good Life and Money audio /notes
2018-08-05 Andrew Fountain Practical Prayer 2 How Jesus motivates us to pray audio /notes
2018-07-29 Andrew Fountain Practical Prayer 1 Four Kinds of Prayer audio /notes
2018-07-15 Andrew Fountain In Christ - connecting with power in your life audio /notes
2018-07-08 Andrew Fountain Stories of a God who Responds audio /notes
2018-07-01 Andrew Fountain Three Men and an Arrogant Emperor audio /notes
2018-06-17 Anne What's Surprising about Dorcas audio /notes
2018-06-03 Andrew Fountain Philippians 9 Philippians: End of series wrap-up audio /notes
2018-05-20 Andrew Fountain Replacing your Inner Bully with the Gentle Voice of Jesus audio /notes
2018-04-29 Andrew Fountain Philippians 8 God supplies our needs audio /notes
2018-04-22 Andrew Fountain Philippians 7 Five ways to stand firm audio /notes
2018-04-08 Andrew Fountain Philippians 6 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me audio /notes
2018-04-01 Chris McLean An encounter with the risen Jesus makes all the difference audio /notes
2018-03-25 Luke Fountain What is God doing with my life? audio /notes
2018-03-18 Andrew Fountain Philippians 5 Making Sense of the Present in Light of the Future audio /notes
2018-03-11 Andrew Fountain Philippians 4 Awe and Wonder at God's Plan for Us audio /notes
2018-03-04 Andrew Fountain Philippians 3 Be captivated by Jesus audio /notes
2018-02-25 Andrew Fountain Philippians 2 Paul shows us how he deals with his own anxiety audio /notes
2018-02-18 Anne Hospitality: An opportunity to be like God audio /notes
2018-02-11 Andrew Fountain Philippians 1 What makes Philippians so unusual audio /notes
2018-02-04 Andrew Fountain Mobilize 3 Learning to live free from condemnation audio /notes
2018-01-28 Andrew Fountain Mobilize 2 Delighting in God: Looking for Pleasure in All the Right Places audio /notes
2018-01-27 Elliot & Andrew How am I choosing to live my life? audio /notes
2018-01-14 Andrew Fountain Mobilize 1 Rebuilding Jerusalem / Mobilizing the Church audio /notes
2018-01-07 Andrew Fountain What is Faith? audio /notes
2017-12-31 Andrew Fountain Living as a Christian in the real world 8 Our 'Need' to be in Control audio /notes
2017-12-17 David Campbell Living as a Christian in the real world Seven Tools to Make Sense of Suffering audio /notes
2017-12-10 Andrew Fountain Living as a Christian in the real world 7 From Fear to Confidence audio /notes
2017-12-03 Andrew Fountain Living as a Christian in the real world 6 Facing Suffering audio /notes
2017-11-26 Andrew Fountain Living as a Christian in the real world 5 Having Healthy Boundaries audio /notes
2017-11-20 Andrew Fountain The Brain Revolution: New Ideas About Mental Health, Healing and Therapy, With a Christian Response audio /notes
2017-11-19 Anne Fountain Living as a Christian in the real world 4 Hannah's Prayer: There's more happening than we think when we pray audio /notes
2017-11-12 Andrew Fountain Living as a Christian in the real world 3 Forming Helpful Habits audio /notes
2017-11-05 Andrew Fountain Living as a Christian in the real world 2 Manging your time audio /notes
2017-10-29 Andrew Fountain Living as a Christian in the real world 1 Living the Christian Life: at Work audio /notes
2017-10-22 Bruce Smith 6 great reasons to get up and dance! audio /notes
2017-10-01 Andrew Fountain Mark in a Month 4 The message at the centre of Mark: How you can be truly great audio /notes
2017-09-24 Andrew Fountain Mark in a Month 3 Trusting Jesus in the Storm audio /notes
2017-09-17 Andrew Fountain Mark in a Month 2 Mark and the Kingdom of God audio /notes
2017-09-10 Andrew Fountain Mark in a Month 1 Hearing God speak to you personally through the Bible audio /notes
2017-09-03 Andrew Fountain Why follow Jesus? audio /notes
2017-08-27 Andrew Fountain What does it mean to walk in the Spirit? audio /notes
2017-08-20 Moe Bergeron I've had enough Lord--Elijah's Depression audio /notes
2017-08-13 Ian Galloway Suffering and the Kingdom of God audio /notes
2017-08-06 Andrew Fountain Jude: The book you never hear preached audio /notes
2017-07-30 Andrew Fountain The Great Prayer of Jesus audio /notes
2017-07-16 Andrew Fountain How we Grow audio /notes
2017-07-02 Andrew Fountain Do not Judge? audio /notes
2017-06-25 Andrew Fountain Abandonment & Belonging audio /notes
2017-06-18 Andrew Fountain When our Conscience Turns Rogue - The God of all Comfort audio /notes
2017-06-11 Andrew Fountain God's Compassion audio /notes
2017-06-04 Richard & Tricia Bristow The Father Heart of God audio /notes
2017-05-28 Andrew Fountain Filled with the Spirit audio /notes
2017-05-21 Andrew Fountain Power to Live a New Life audio /notes
2017-05-14 Andrew Fountain The Mission of the Church audio /notes
2017-04-30 Andrew Fountain Hebrews 12 The Unshakable Kingdom of Love (Hebrews pt.12) audio /notes
2017-04-23 Danfi Are Christians to be pitied? - The Resurrection audio /notes
2017-04-16 Chris McLean Coming Home audio /notes
2017-04-09 Andrew Fountain Hebrews 11 Don't Choose the Stew (Hebrews pt.11) audio /notes
2017-04-02 Luke Fountain Becoming who God made us to be audio /notes
2017-03-26 Andrew Fountain Hebrews 10 Winning the Race of Life (Hebrews pt.10) audio /notes
2017-03-19 Andrew Fountain Hebrews 9 What is your reality? (Hebrews pt.9) audio /notes
2017-03-12 Andrew Fountain Hebrews 8 Faith, Trust and the Invisible (Hebrews pt.8) audio /notes
2017-03-05 Andrew Fountain Hebrews 7 Washed clean, once for all (Hebrews pt.7) audio /notes
2017-02-26 Andrew Fountain Hebrews 6 The New Covenant (Hebrews pt.6) audio /notes
2017-02-19 Andrew Fountain Hebrews The New Covenant Meal audio /notes
2017-02-12 Andrew Fountain Hebrews 5 The Central Message of Hebrews (pt.5) audio /notes
2017-02-05 Andrew Fountain Hebrews 4 Can a Christian fall away? - Hebrews pt.4 audio /notes
2017-01-29 Andrew Fountain Hebrews 3 Hebrews Part 3 - The Test and the Rest audio /notes
2017-01-22 Andrew Fountain Hebrews 2 Hebrews Part 2 - The Back-Story audio /notes
2017-01-15 Danfi Parker Seek First the Kingdom of God audio /notes
2017-01-08 Andrew Fountain Hebrews 1 Jesus is Better than Everything - Hebrews pt.1 audio /notes
2016-12-18 Andrew Fountain The Birth of Jesus (told by Luke) audio /notes
2016-12-11 Andrew Fountain Testimonies of Praise audio /notes
2016-12-04 Andrew Fountain Why I love Jesus audio /notes
2016-11-27 Andrew Fountain Colossians 10 Two Simple Keys for Living in the World audio /notes
2016-11-20 Anne Fountain What Joshua had for Breakfast audio /notes
2016-11-13 Andrew Fountain Colossians 9 Bringing Heaven down into Family & Relationships audio /notes
2016-11-06 Andrew Fountain Colossians 8 New Clothes audio /notes
2016-10-30 Andrew Fountain Colossians 7 Defeating Temptation with a New Identity and Destiny audio /notes
2016-10-23 Andrew Fountain Colossians 6 The Source of our New Life: United with Christ audio /notes
2016-10-16 Andrew Fountain Colossians 5 Passionate about Christ - the Hidden Treasure audio /notes
2016-10-09 Andrew Fountain Colossians 4 The Song hidden in Colossians audio /notes
2016-10-02 Andrew Fountain Colossians 3 The Power of Thankfulness audio /notes
2016-09-25 Andrew Fountain Colossians 2 A Letter in the Shape of a Tree: Colossians audio /notes
2016-09-18 Andrew Fountain Colossians 1 Truth that brings life - Col 1:1-9 audio /notes
2016-09-11 Andrew Fountain Love, Truth & Power through the Holy Spirit audio /notes
2016-08-21 Andrew Fountain Trusting God in hard times audio /notes
2016-08-14 Ian Galloway Building the Church audio /notes
2016-08-07 Ian Galloway A Generous People audio /notes
2016-07-31 Andrew Fountain God Chooses the Weak audio /notes
2016-07-24 Josh The Living Machine - Community with Purpose audio /notes
2016-07-10 Andrew Fountain Why a Church Needs Home-Groups audio /notes
2016-07-03 Andrew Fountain Psalm 44 --When God doesn't even seem to be listening audio /notes
2016-06-17 Andrew Fountain Can God be Trusted in the Darkest Situation? audio /notes
2016-06-12 Danfi Parker Faith alone saves, but faith that saves is not alone audio /notes
2016-06-05 Chris McLean Thanksgiving audio /notes
2016-05-29 David Campbell A Crowd does not make a Church audio /notes
2016-05-15 Ian Galloway Spirit filled church audio /notes
2016-05-08 Andrew Fountain Leadership and Elders in the N.T. Church audio /notes
2016-05-01 Andrew Fountain Guidance 4 Guidance Part 4: Extraordinary Direction audio /notes
2016-04-24 Andrew Fountain Guidance 3 Guidance Part 3: Having the Son in the Car audio /notes
2016-04-17 Andrew Fountain Guidance 2 Guidance Part 2: Does God direct us, and how? audio /notes
2016-04-10 Andrew Fountain Guidance 1 Guidance Part 1: How not to find a wife, and other stories audio /notes
2016-04-03 Jeremy Simpkins Encouragement audio /notes
2016-03-27 Chris McLean The Great Exchange audio /notes
2016-03-06 Danfi Parker Blessed are those who Limp audio /notes
2016-02-28 April Best Our Adventure with God audio /notes
2016-02-21 Stephen Best Christs Glorious Church audio /notes
2016-02-14 Andrew Fountain The Parable of the Talents audio /notes
2016-02-07 Andrew Fountain What God Loves to Do audio /notes
2016-01-31 Andrew Fountain Prayer and God's Power audio /notes
2016-01-24 Andrew Fountain A New Identity Card audio /notes
2016-01-17 Andrew Fountain Roadblocks in Reading the Old Testament audio /notes
2016-01-10 Tafari James 11 Snapshot of Christian Living audio /notes
2016-01-03 Andrew Fountain How to Make New Year's Resolutions audio /notes
2015-12-20 Andrew Fountain From Above audio /notes
2015-12-13 Josh The Journey audio /notes
2015-12-13 Danfi Can God be trusted to be fair? audio /notes
2015-11-29 Bruce Smith What does Following Jesus look like? audio /notes
2015-11-15 Chris McLean How I Found my Father audio /notes
2015-11-01 Andrew Fountain The Golden Thread audio /notes
2015-10-25 Andrew Fountain Living in the Freedom of the New Covenant audio /notes
2015-10-18 Tafari James 10 Riches, Patience & Steadfastness audio /notes
2015-09-27 Andrew Fountain Story of Acts in half an hour audio /notes
2015-09-13 Andrew Fountain New Life in the Spirit -Rom 6 audio /notes
2015-09-06 Andrew Fountain If anyone is thirsty - John 7:37-39 audio /notes
2015-08-23 Tafari James 9 Humility or Boasting, You Decide audio /notes
2015-08-16 Tafari James 8 Choose This Day audio /notes
2015-08-09 Andrew Fountain Endurance (plus Testimonies) audio /notes
2015-08-02 Andrew Fountain Be Strong and Very Courageous audio /notes
2015-07-19 Andrew Fountain Shame audio /notes
2015-06-28 Andrew Fountain The Extraordinary Effect of being Joined to Jesus audio /notes
2015-06-21 Olesia Word Team Every Good Gift comes from Above audio /notes
2015-06-21 Mark Word Team Faith: the good, the bad and the ugly audio /notes
2015-06-21 Braden Word Team The God who is active behind the scenes audio /notes
2015-06-14 Andrew Fountain The Silver Trumpets audio /notes
2015-06-07 David Campbell The one-sentence guide to powerful prayer audio /notes
2015-05-31 Andrew Fountain How to Get More out of Reading the Bible audio /notes
2015-05-10 Tafari Women of Influence audio /notes
2015-05-03 Andrew Fountain Seven More Myths about Christianity audio /notes
2015-04-19 Josh Nadeau Finally Home: The Safety and Joy of Eternity audio /notes
2015-04-12 Andrew Fountain Seven Myths about Christianity audio /notes
2015-04-05 Heather, Andrew & Tafari How I Found Jesus and He Changed my Life: Four stories audio /notes
2015-03-22 Dan Word Team Isaiah 35 audio /notes
2015-03-22 Ainsley Word Team The Syrophoenician Woman audio /notes
2015-03-22 Aislinn Word Team Persistent Prayer audio /notes
2015-03-15 Tafari James Controlling our Words audio /notes
2015-03-08 Homeric Arvanitis The Humble Heart audio /notes
2015-02-15 Andrew Fountain Fifteen ways to love audio /notes
2015-02-08 David Campbell The Turning Point of History audio /notes
2015-01-25 Tafari Hibbert Apologetics - A tool for building faith audio /notes
2015-01-25 Anne Fountain Empowered by Jesus the Bridegroom audio /notes
2014-12-28 Tafari Hibbert James 6 Is it Faith or Works? audio /notes
2014-12-07 Andrew Fountain Rituals or Reality audio /notes
2014-11-30 Andrew Fountain When God doesn't seem to keep his promises audio /notes
2014-11-23 Andrew Fountain How to Speak Words of Life audio /notes
2014-11-16 Tafari Hibbert James 5 The Problem of Partiality audio /notes
2014-11-09 Andrew Fountain Parables 19 Jesus Sets his Followers a Challenge audio /notes
2014-10-26 Adrian Birks Fresh starts - the recommissioning of Elijah audio /notes
2014-10-12 Andrew Fountain How to become a Thankful Person audio /notes
2014-10-05 Jeremy Little You're richer than you think you are (Eph 1) audio /notes
2014-09-14 David Campbell The Challenge of Change audio /notes
2014-08-31 Tafari Hibbert James 4 Where Do You Stand? audio /notes
2014-08-24 Andrew Fountain Prayer 3 Prayer in Practice audio /notes
2014-08-17 Andrew Fountain Prayer 2 Prayers that Get Answered audio /notes
2014-08-10 Andrew Fountain Prayer 1 Improving our Prayer Lives audio /notes
2014-08-03 Andrew Fountain A Living Sacrifice audio /notes
2014-07-13 Tafari Hibbert James 3 The Power of our Words audio /notes
2014-06-08 Andrew Fountain Jesus' promise of his presence with us audio /notes
2014-06-01 J.D. Sherman Obedience audio /notes
2014-05-25 Andy Building: The Tower of Babel audio /notes
2014-05-18 Tafari Hibbert James 2 Attitudes to Wealth audio /notes
2014-05-04 David Campbell Faith: the substance of things hoped for audio /notes
2014-04-27 Tafari Hibbert James 1 Strength in Trials - James 1 audio /notes
2014-04-20 Andrew Fountain The Real Truth about the Resurrection audio /notes
2014-04-13 Andrew Fountain Parables 18 Love: Our New Identity. Parable of the Sheep and Goats audio /notes
2014-04-06 David Campbell 2 Peter 1:2-3 - The power of grace audio /notes
2014-03-30 Andrew Fountain Parables 17 A modern take on the Parable of the Dishonest Manager audio /notes
2014-03-23 Andrew Fountain Parables 16 God's Joy over You audio /notes
2014-03-16 Andrew Fountain What does it mean to Eat the Bread of Life? audio /notes
2014-03-09 Andrew Fountain Parables 15 A Surprising Invitation to a Banquet audio /notes
2014-03-02 David Campbell Light in the Darkness audio /notes
2014-02-23 Ant Dube The God of the City audio /notes
2014-02-16 Andrew Fountain Parables 14 Looking for Pleasure in All the Right Places audio /notes
2014-02-09 Andrew Fountain Parables 13 Learning How to Pray in Faith audio /notes
2014-02-02 David Campbell What makes a church? audio /notes
2014-01-26 Chris McLean Leave room for the miracles only God can do audio /notes
2014-01-12 Andy Parables 11 The Parable of the Talents audio /notes
2013-12-15 Andrew Fountain Parables 10 Anxiety, Fear & Security - the Rich Fool audio /notes
2013-12-01 David Campbell Simeon - Walking in God's Will audio /notes
2013-11-24 Andrew Fountain Parables 9 The Parable of the Enemy who sowed Tares audio /notes
2013-11-17 Andy Signs audio /notes
2013-11-10 Andrew Fountain Parables 8 Two Parables about Prayer audio /notes
2013-11-03 David Campbell The Biblical Foundation of Worship audio /notes
2013-10-27 Andrew Fountain Parables 7 The Parable of the Seed that Died audio /notes
2013-10-20 Jeremy Simpkins If anyone's thirsty - be filled with the Spirit audio /notes
2013-10-13 Andrew Fountain Parables 6 The Parable of the Unforgiving Servant audio /notes
2013-10-06 Andrew Fountain Parables 5 The Parable of the Mustard Seed audio /notes
2013-09-29 David Campbell Being filled with the Spirit audio /notes
2013-09-22 Andrew Fountain Parables 4 The Parable of the Sower audio /notes
2013-09-15 Andrew Fountain Parables 3 The Parable of the Good Shepherd audio /notes
2013-09-08 Andrew Fountain Parables 2 The Parable of the Camel and the Eye of a Needle audio /notes
2013-09-01 Don Garlington Parables 1 Introduction to the Parables audio /notes
2013-08-18 Andrew Fountain God's character revealed through stories 10 Stories of a God who is Transcendent yet Humble audio /notes
2013-08-04 Tafari Hibbert Discipleship audio /notes
2013-07-21 Andrew Fountain God's character revealed through stories 8 Stories of God's Compassion and Grace audio /notes
2013-07-14 Andrew Fountain God's character revealed through stories 7 Stories of God's creativity and beauty audio /notes
2013-07-07 Andrew Fountain God's character revealed through stories 6 Stories of a God who is Three in One audio /notes
2013-06-30 Andrew Fountain God's character revealed through stories 5 Stories of a God who is Holy audio /notes
2013-06-23 Andrew Fountain God's character revealed through stories 4 Stories of God who Knows Everything audio /notes
2013-06-16 Andrew Fountain God's character revealed through stories 3 Stories of God's Justice audio /notes
2013-06-09 Brad Lewis I commend you to God and to the word of his grace audio /notes
2013-06-02 Tope Koleoso Living by Faith audio /notes
2013-05-26 Andrew Fountain God's character revealed through stories 2 Stories of God's Faithful Love audio /notes
2013-05-19 Andrew Fountain God's character revealed through stories 1 Stories of God's Power audio /notes
2013-05-05 Andy Lee Newlife Values 10 Moving in Faith audio /notes
2013-04-14 Brad Lewis Pray the Psalms, I dare you! audio /notes
2013-03-31 Andrew Fountain The Empty Tomb audio /notes
2013-03-17 Andrew Fountain Ephesians 10 Singing: the link with being filled by the Spirit audio /notes
2013-03-03 Andrew Fountain Ephesians 9 Wives and Husbands audio /notes
2013-02-24 David Campbell Lazarus audio /notes
2013-02-17 Andrew Fountain Led by the Spirit audio /notes
2013-02-10 Andrew Fountain Love - God's agenda for us audio /notes
2013-02-03 Andrew Fountain Ephesians 8 Does the Bible have a hang-up about sex? audio /notes
2013-01-27 Andrew Fountain Ephesians 7 You can choose! audio /notes
2013-01-20 Brad Lewis Newlife Values 8 Outward Looking audio /notes
2013-01-13 Andrew Fountain Ephesians 6 How do we reach our destiny? audio /notes
2012-12-30 Andrew Fountain Ephesians 5 The Almost Unbelievable Prayer audio /notes
2012-12-23 Andrew Fountain Jesus, the Light, is born into this World audio /notes
2012-12-16 Andy Lee Newlife Values 7 Why be a member? audio /notes
2012-12-02 Doug Nix Newlife Values 6 Giving audio /notes
2012-11-25 Andrew Fountain Newlife Values 4 Filled with the Holy Spirit audio /notes
2012-11-18 David Campbell Newlife Values 5 Leadership in the Local Church audio /notes
2012-11-11 Andrew Fountain Newlife Values 3 Truth and the Bible audio /notes
2012-11-04 Andrew Fountain Newlife Values 2 Grace & Salvation audio /notes
2012-10-28 Andrew Fountain Newlife Values 1 The Church audio /notes
2012-10-21 Andrew Fountain Ephesians 4 The Church as the New Creation audio /notes
2012-10-14 Andrew Fountain Ephesians 3 His great love with which he loved us audio /notes
2012-09-16 Andrew Fountain Ephesians 1 The Central Message of Christianity audio /notes
2012-09-09 Andrew Fountain My Testimony audio /notes
2012-07-08 Andrew Fountain Becoming a Christian audio /notes
2012-06-24 Doug Cryer Importance of Forgiveness audio /notes
2012-06-03 Andy Lee The Father The Father's Love audio /notes
2012-05-27 Doug Cryer The Father God is the Father I Have Always Wanted audio /notes
2012-05-20 Andrew Fountain Not under Law? audio /notes
2012-05-13 Andrew Fountain Responding to God audio /notes
2012-05-06 Andrew Fountain The True Seeker audio /notes
2012-04-29 Andrew Fountain Breaking Bread (Communion) 2 Breaking Bread (Communion) pt2--Where the church went wrong audio /notes
2012-04-22 Andrew Fountain Jesus our Sympathetic Priest audio /notes
2012-04-15 Richard Bristow Dead or Alive? How is your Faith audio /notes
2012-04-08 Andrew Fountain Answering Atheists audio /notes
2012-03-18 Luke, Hlengiwe & Doug Scriptures that have spoken to us audio /notes
2012-03-04 Andrew Fountain What Does "Faith" Mean audio /notes
2012-02-26 Andy Lee Worship audio /notes
2012-02-19 Andrew Fountain Good News audio /notes
2012-02-12 Don Garlington The New Creation in Paul audio /notes
2012-02-05 Andrew Fountain Love, Truth & Power from the Holy Spirit audio /notes
2012-01-22 Richard Bristow Fixing Our Eyes on Jesus audio /notes
2012-01-15 Andrew Fountain A New Life audio /notes
2012-01-01 Andrew Fountain The New Creation (An Introduction) audio /notes
2011-12-18 Andrew Fountain The Christmas Story audio /notes
2011-11-27 Bumo, Tim & Andy Scriptures that have spoken to us audio /notes
2011-10-30 Richard & Tricia Bristow Healing Life's Hurts: Performing vs. Excellence audio /notes
2011-10-16 Bruce Smith The Good Samaritan audio /notes
2011-09-25 Andrew Fountain Receiving more of Christ audio /notes
2011-09-18 Richard Bristow The Race - Learning from Elijah audio /notes
2011-09-11 Andrew Fountain The Presence of God audio /notes
2011-09-04 Andrew Fountain The Gospel: A Story audio /notes
2011-08-21 Andrew Fountain Love - Our New Identity audio /notes
2011-08-07 Andrew Fountain Jesus 4 Why Jesus' Commands are not Legalism audio /notes
2011-07-31 Andrew Fountain Jesus 3 The New Creation audio /notes
2011-07-24 Joji, Grace and Martin Scriptures that have spoken to us audio /notes
2011-07-10 Andrew Fountain Jesus 1 Temptations audio /notes
2011-07-03 Andrew Fountain Prayer 2 Answered Prayer audio /notes
2011-06-26 Andrew Fountain Prayer 1 The Problem of Unanswered Prayer audio /notes
2011-06-19 Richard Bristow Father's Day audio /notes
2011-06-12 Don Garlington Psalm 1 audio /notes
2011-06-05 Don Garlington Psalm 3 audio /notes
2011-05-29 Andrew Fountain Revelation 2 Revelation Pt2 - The Story audio /notes
2011-05-22 Andrew Fountain Revelation 1 Overview of the End Times audio /notes
2011-04-10 Don Garlington It's all how you look at it audio /notes
2011-04-03 David, Denese & Rob John 11, Gen 32 & Ps 131 audio /notes
2011-03-20 Scott Dalton Restoring God's Plan audio /notes
2011-03-06 Joji, Mike, Luke & Anne Scriptures that have spoken to us audio /notes
2011-02-20 Andrew Fountain The Purpose of Worship audio /notes
2011-02-06 Andrew Fountain Paul, consumed with the New Creation audio /notes
2011-01-30 Keith Brooks Jesus is Lord audio /notes
2011-01-23 Andrew Fountain John-6 2 Eating Christ's Flesh and Drinking His Blood Pt.2 audio /notes
2011-01-16 Andrew Fountain John-6 1 Eating Christ's Flesh and Drinking His Blood audio /notes
2010-12-12 Andrew Fountain Happiness, Thankfulness and God's Inexpressible Gift audio /notes
2010-11-21 Andrew Fountain What the humanity of Jesus means for us audio /notes
2010-11-14 Andrew Fountain How does Someone become a Believer? - Stories of Trust audio /notes
2010-11-07 Richard Bristow Why Church? audio /notes
2010-10-31 Andrew Fountain Halloween - What is the Christian's response? audio /notes
2010-10-17 Keith Brooks Is is Arrogant to Claim that Jesus is the Only Way? audio /notes
2010-10-10 Andrew Fountain Thankfulness and Faith audio /notes
2010-04-11 Don Garlington Death and Resurrection audio /notes
2010-04-04 Richard Bristow The Cross audio /notes
2010-03-28 Andrew Fountain Baptism audio /notes
2010-03-14 Andrew Fountain Spiritual Gifts 6 Healing and Sin audio /notes
2010-03-07 Stephen Best Jesus audio /notes
2010-02-28 Keith Brooks Anxiety (Psalm 131) audio /notes
2010-02-21 Andrew Fountain Spiritual Gifts 5 Healing and the Gift of Faith audio /notes
2010-02-14 Andrew Fountain Spiritual Gifts 4 Healing in Practice audio /notes
2010-02-07 Andrew Fountain Spiritual Gifts 3 Examples of Healing audio /notes
2010-01-31 Andrew Fountain Spiritual Gifts 2 A Model for Healing audio /notes
2010-01-24 Andrew Fountain Spiritual Gifts 1 Gifts of the Spirit audio /notes
2010-01-17 Andrew Fountain 2010 Foundations 3 The Truth shall set you Free audio /notes
2010-01-03 Andrew Fountain 2010 Foundations 1 The free gift of everything audio /notes
2009-12-03 Graham Bretherick Anger and Depression audio /notes
2009-12-03 Graham Bretherick Anxiety audio /notes
2009-11-29 Richard & Tricia Bristow Forgiveness audio /notes
2009-11-22 Andrew Fountain Singing Praise to God audio /notes
2009-11-15 Keith Brooks How we can know and show that Christianity is true? audio /notes
2009-11-08 Andrew Fountain Benefiting from the Bible audio /notes
2009-11-01 Andrew Fountain Stories of Fulfilled Prophecies audio /notes
2009-10-25 Andrew Fountain Living Right 7 Love and Law audio /notes
2009-10-18 Andrew Fountain Living Right 6 Practical Love audio /notes
2009-10-11 Richard & Tricia Bristow God's Father Heart audio /notes
2009-10-04 Don Garlington Seeking the Kingdom audio /notes
2009-09-27 Andrew Fountain Living Right 5 Love and the Spirit audio /notes
2009-09-20 Andrew Fountain Living Right 4 Holiness and Purity audio /notes
2009-09-13 Andrew Fountain Gospel Love Truth and Power in Evangelism audio /notes
2009-09-06 Andrew Fountain Gospel Forgiveness of Sin - the Woman who Loved Jesus audio /notes
2009-08-30 Andrew Fountain Living Right 3 Holiness and Love audio /notes
2009-08-23 Andrew Fountain Living Right 2 A Spirit Filled People audio /notes
2009-08-16 Andrew Fountain Living Right 1 Our Identity as a Holy People audio /notes
2009-08-09 Keith Brooks Spiritual Disciplines audio /notes
2009-08-02 Keith Brooks Persistence in Prayer (Luke 11) audio /notes
2009-07-26 Richard Bristow The Parable of the Sower audio /notes
2009-07-19 Andrew Fountain Belonging and Rejection audio /notes
2009-07-12 Richard Bristow Kingdom Kingdom of God - My New Identity audio /notes
2009-07-05 Keith Brooks The Return of the Lost Son audio /notes
2009-06-28 Andrew Fountain The Gospel 7 The Power of the Spirit audio /notes
2009-06-21 Andrew Fountain The Gospel 6 What does a person do to become a Christian? audio /notes
2009-06-14 Andrew Fountain The Gospel 5 Gods Right to Our Allegiance audio /notes
2009-06-07 Andrew Fountain The Gospel 4 How to Give your Testimony audio /notes
2009-05-31 Andrew Fountain The Gospel 3 Presenting the Gospel to Pagans audio /notes
2009-05-24 Andrew Fountain The Gospel 2 The Preaching of Peter audio /notes
2009-05-10 Andrew Fountain Delighting in God 2 Experiencing the Presence Of God audio /notes
2009-05-03 Andrew Fountain Delighting in God 1 Looking for Pleasure in All the Right Places audio /notes
2008-11-02 Roger Bye Bold because they have been with Jesus audio /notes
2008-08-10 Andrew Fountain Evangelism 1 What it means to repent - Acts 17 audio /notes
2008-07-27 Andrew Fountain Colossians Thankfulness audio /notes
2008-07-13 Clyde Matava Evangelism 1 Stirring up Personal Evangelism audio /notes
2008-06-29 Andrew Fountain Colossians Colossians - Part 8 audio /notes
2008-05-18 Clyde Matava A Portrait of Worship audio /notes
2008-05-04 Andrew Fountain Colossians Living as Part of the New Body audio /notes
2008-04-20 Andrew Fountain Colossians Power over Sins of the Flesh audio /notes
2008-04-06 Andrew Fountain Colossians United with Christ: the Heart of the Gospel audio /notes
2008-02-24 Andrew Fountain Colossians Truth that brings life audio /notes
2008-01-13 Andrew Fountain What Holiness Really Means audio /notes
2007-12-09 Andrew Fountain Romans 6-The Two Worlds audio /notes
2007-11-25 Andrew Fountain Vision for Newlife Church Loving one Another audio /notes
2007-09-02 Clyde Matava Making Much of Jesus The Glory Of the Church audio /notes
2007-09-02 Andrew Fountain Vision for Newlife Church Vision for Newlife Church audio /notes
2007-05-27 Andrew Fountain Why Psalm 90 is not in the least bit depressing audio /notes
2007-05-20 Andrew Fountain Luke Why Jesus' commands are not legalism audio /notes
2007-05-06 Roger Bye The good news of the Kingdom audio /notes
2007-04-22 Andrew Fountain Spiritual Gifts The Kingdom and Healing audio /notes
2007-03-25 Andrew Fountain Understanding the story of David and Goliath audio /notes
2007-03-11 Andrew Fountain Spiritual Gifts Learning Christ audio /notes
2007-03-04 Andrew Fountain Luke Temptation - Luke 4 audio /notes
2007-02-25 Andrew Fountain Spiritual Gifts The Shape of Church audio /notes
2007-02-11 Andrew Fountain Spiritual Gifts The Body of Christ audio /notes
2007-01-28 Andrew Fountain Even when it doesn't seem like it, God still cares about you audio /notes
2006-12-10 Andrew Fountain Spiritual Gifts Healing audio /notes
2006-11-26 Andrew Fountain Spiritual Gifts The Acts of the Holy Spirit audio /notes
2006-11-12 Andrew Fountain Spiritual Gifts The Gift of the Spirit audio /notes
2006-11-05 Andrew Fountain Luke God became a man in order to save us audio /notes
2006-10-29 Andrew Fountain Spiritual Gifts Desiring the Gifts audio /notes
2006-09-24 Andrew Fountain Christ Stills the Wind and Waves audio /notes
2006-07-23 Andrew Fountain Who are you following audio /notes
2006-07-09 Dwaine Senechal True Greatness audio /notes
2006-07-09 Andrew Fountain Desperate Households Talking to each other audio /notes
2006-06-25 Andrew Fountain Spiritual Gifts Spiritual Gifts in the Church pt.1 audio /notes
2006-05-07 Andrew Fountain Idolatry and Control audio /notes
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