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Andrew Fountain - Why Study the Old Testament?

32:51 minutes (13.17 MB)
  • The purpose of this talk is to convince you of the value of exploring the Old Testament,/n-and to begin the journey.


Andrew Fountain - Creation

30:36 minutes (12.3 MB)
  • We read the creation account, and then look at how the rest of the Bible reflects on, and adds to, the event.
  • We end with the key question:
  • How are WE to respond to the creation?

Andrew Fountain - The "Fall" and the Big Story

27:48 minutes (11.16 MB)
  • It is so important to grasp the Big Story of the Old Testament so as to make sense of the hundreds of small stories.
  • To just watch the 4 min animation, go to

Andrew Fountain - Old Testament Shadows and Types

36:23 minutes (14.62 MB)
  • Why did the disciples get so excited when Jesus opened up the meaning of the Old Testament to them?
  • Learn about types and shadows and you will see!


Andrew Fountain - Making Sense of the Flood

39:59 minutes (16.05 MB)
  • How we can make sense of the Flood account in Genesis,
  • see how it connects with Jesus,
  • and how it still speaks to us today.


Andrew Fountain - The Covenants - the Backbone of the Old Testament

39:57 minutes (16.04 MB)
  • To understand the covenants is both the beginning and the end of the quest for truth.
  • For in them we can grasp how the Creator relates to humanity.


Andrew Fountain - Has Jesus done away with the Law? - Answering the problems that come up

40:40 minutes (16.34 MB)
  • If the Law was for the Jews, what about everyone else?
  • Does the Law have any value in the New Covenant under Jesus?
  • Plus other questions.


Andrew Fountain - Jesus, the Light of the World

27:33 minutes (11.09 MB)
  • Light is a key theme in Scripture, and as we put together references from the whole Bible, we see a beautifully unified theme what brings hope, and direction for living.


Andrew Fountain - "I will be with you!" - The Era from Abraham to Joseph"

30:26 minutes (12.23 MB)
  • There’s a fresh start for humanity with Abraham and Sarah, a new Adam and Eve but with a very different requirement.
  • Instead of law, they are under faith, with the requirement of simply trusting that he will be with them.

Andrew Fountain - New Creation - The Big Story of the Bible

31:48 minutes (12.78 MB)
  • If we can grasp the big picture of God’s plan for humanity, it will not only help us understand the Bible, but hugely empower and energize us for the Christian life.


Andrew Fountain - New Creation (2) - How it started with a New Eden

34:55 minutes (14.05 MB)
  • When we see how the images of Eden in the Bible all hang together in a beautiful way, it bring us so much hope and leads us towards victory.


Andrew Fountain - New Creation (3) - How to live in the New Creation while still in the Old

36:44 minutes (14.75 MB)
  • All our problems as Christians, come down to the fact that although we are a New Creation, we are still living in the Old.
  • Answering this problem leads to true victory.


Anne Fountain - The Bible and Archeology

42:33 minutes (17.09 MB)
  • Archeology shows us that Bible history and world history are the same.
  • We don’t need evidence from archaeology to prove to us that God is real but it can be a great encouragement to see where things match up.

Andrew Fountain - Why Idolatry is such a big theme in the Old Testament

38:02 minutes (15.27 MB)
  • Behind idolatry is our fear, and a need to gain control when we are powerless.
  • Once we get how it worked in the Old Testament it is very easy to see how we fall into this trap ourselves on a daily basis.

Andrew Fountain - The Exodus theme through the Bible

35:23 minutes (14.26 MB)
  • Seeing this theme throught the Bible will help us to take encouragement from some very powerful words from God in the Old Testament.
  • We now see how they speak into our lives.


Andrew Fountain - The Story of Israel and the Heart of God

33:14 minutes (13.35 MB)
  • Seeing the big story of Israel allows us to get a glimpse into the heart of God that is deeply revealing and affecting.


Andrew Fountain - The Rest of the Story of Israel - Past and Future

42:38 minutes (17.12 MB)
  • When we see how God’s promises and prophecies to Israel fit with the New Testament and beyond,
    like Paul we will not be able to help bursting out in praises to God.


Andrew Fountain - Why are we told to fear God if love casts out fear?

30:05 minutes (12.07 MB)
  • Many people feel that the Old Testament God wanted to be feared but there’s a different God in the New who has banished fear.
  • The solution to this problem is very rarely understood, even by Christians, and extremely important.

Andrew Fountain - Stories of God's Compassion and Grace

35:59 minutes (14.45 MB)
  • Understanding God’s compassion is vital for living an authentic Christian life.
  • It shines most brightly in the N.T. in Jesus, but there are some remarkable stories in the Old, demonstrating that God does not change.

Andrew Fountain - Roadblocks when Reading the Old Testament

38:39 minutes (15.54 MB)
  • Quite often, when people start reading the Old Testament. they hit roadblocks such as
    • obscure language,
    • stories that seem to condone violence or abuse,
    • and moose strange or problematic laws, for example regarding women.

Andrew Fountain - Holy - The most Misunderstood Word in the Bible

32:45 minutes (13.19 MB)
  • A word that is so rich, so precious, and so heart-warming has been tragically misunderstood in recent centuries.
  • God’s holiness a positive quality very closely linked to his love, and it is so important that we connect with this.

Holy — Answering Problems with Correctly Understanding this Word (pt.2)

34:09 minutes (13.69 MB)

we clear up some problems with other Old Testament passages
and dig deeper into the meaning.

  • Having presented a new understanding of this incredibly important word,


Andrew Fountain - The Misunderstanding of Holiness — Part 3: Tying it All Together

39:42 minutes (15.98 MB)
  • How does our new understanding of holiness fit with some N.T. passages that seem to be equating it with purity.
  • By making an extra step in our definition, we can tie everything together in a way that not only makes sense but is helpful and motivating,

Andrew Fountain - Jesus: our Sympathetic Priest

33:00 minutes (13.27 MB)
  • We can gain a deeper appreciation of what Jesus does for us by examining the picture given to us of O.T. priests.


Andrew Fountain - Hints of the Trinity and Jesus in the O.T.

29:38 minutes (11.91 MB)
  • Why did God not tell us everything about himself right at the start?
  • Because it is only in the context of an unfolding relationship that we can begin grasp the richness of who he is.
  • Join us in this exciting journey!

Andrew Fountain - Can God be Trusted in the Darkest Situation? - Isaiah 37

42:01 minutes (16.93 MB)
  • Have you ever been in a situation when it looks like something really bad could happen? We take an example of how to relate Old Testament stories to our own lives in a way that is faithful to the context, and also immensely encouraging!

Andrew Fountain - Stories of Endurance and the Motivations that Got People Through

33:19 minutes (13.38 MB)
  • From Abraham and Moses to the ‘Stanford Marshmallow Experiment’, endurance is a common human experience.
  • The Bible gives us three ways that not only help us endure, but turn it from a negative to a positive experience.

Andrew Fountain - Trusting God in Hard Times - Reading the O.T. in a way that lets it speak truly into our lives: Is. 55

34:40 minutes (13.94 MB)
  • Have you had times of darkness in your life?
  • We work through how we should read Old Testament passages so that they speak accurately into our situation./n-God says, “just hold on to me and I will never forsake you”

Andrew Fountain - The Presence of God: Then and Now

37:45 minutes (15.15 MB)
  • Part 1 is the unfolding story of the presence of God with humanity, from the beginnig of Genesis through the Bible.
  • Then the second part in about experiencing him right now, using Psalm 16 as a guide.
  • Come on this journey with us now!

Andrew Fountain - Open your mouth wide and I will fill it (Psalm 81)

26:47 minutes (10.79 MB)
  • God has so much for you, and longs to satisfy you with the very best
  • So what is stopping him?
  • The same thing as in Psalm 81 where he longed to bless Israel, but they did not “shema”.
  • This word is the key that will open all the blessings.

Andrew Fountain - Stories of God's Creativity and Love of Beauty

31:01 minutes (12.51 MB)
  • Sometimes we think of God as being too serious to be interested in beauty.
  • But creating beauty is core to his very nature, and when we do the same, we are being God-like.
  • Yet there in an extra dimension of beauty that comes by the Spirit.

Andrew Fountain - The Beauty and Power of Old Testament Poetry

35:36 minutes (14.31 MB)
  • The goal is to provide an understanding of how Hebrew Poetry works
  • so we can be better able to take in it’s beauty and power
  • so as to fill us with joy in our amazing God.


Andrew Fountain - Psalm 20 - Poetry with Power

39:05 minutes (15.67 MB)
  • We cam understand Psalm 20 at three levels:
  • the Artistry,
  • the Truth it expresses,
  • and the Powerful Message that speaks to our hearts.


Andrew Fountain - Profiting from the Prophets

42:10 minutes (16.97 MB)
  • This message aims to help us get more out of reading the Prophetic books in the O.T.
  • by understanding what they are about
  • and how they can speak to us.


Andrew Fountain - Jesus' shocking words about the O.T. - The Camel & Eternal Life (Luke 18:18-30)

35:11 minutes (14.16 MB)
  • When you see what Jesus is really claiming here, it is both shocking and motiviating.
  • An incredible parable that is often misunderstood.


Andrew Fountain - The Golden Thread - The Story of the Dragon's Attacks from Genesis to Revelation

25:53 minutes (10.41 MB)
  • There is a golden thread that runs through the Bible from the beginning of Genesis to the end of Revelation.
  • It is the story of the battle between the Serpent and the line of the promised Saviour, full of drama and climaxes in total victory.

Andrew Fountain - A Story of Attacks and Discouragement turning into Joy

37:54 minutes (15.24 MB)
  • Life can bring discouragements, and Satan loves to pull us away from God.
  • In this extraordinary story from the book of Ezra that is exactly what happened.
  • But what is so encouraging for us is the surprising way that God turned defeat into victory.

David Campbell - The Holy Spirit in the Old Testament and the Coming of the Messiah

39:33 minutes (15.88 MB)
  • Rather than being someone who was hidden till Pentecost,
  • the Holy Spirit was an active agent in the Old Creation,
  • worked tirelessly to prepare the way for Jesus,
  • and is now working in us,
  • bringing dry bones to life in the New Creation.

Andrew Fountain - Be Strong and Very Courageous

36:08 minutes (14.54 MB)
  • This is an incredible promise, but can we take it personally?
  • If we understand the context, the meaning, and our part in it, the answer is yes!
  • What an encouragement!


Andrew Fountain - Circumcision - A topic you rarely hear explained

37:23 minutes (15.02 MB)
  • Circumcision: Meaning, Significance and Practical Insights
  • When we see how neatly the Old and New Testaments connect together on this issue, it brings such clarity, not only to understanding the Bible, but also our own identity.

Andrew Fountain - A New Beginning - Directions for this New Season of our Lives from Joshua 4 & 5

32:18 minutes (13.03 MB)
  • This story of a new beginning for Israel has a compelling message for our own lives as we move forward into a new season, with precise New Covenant parallels to the Old Covenant symbols.


Andrew Fountain - The Psalm with No Hope: Psalm 44 - when God doesn't even seem to be listening

37:09 minutes (14.94 MB)
  • The Psalm does not directly provide an answer, but there is an answer which is beyond our dreams.


Andrew Fountain - Stories of God Responding to Prayer

37:08 minutes (14.93 MB)
  • Seven suggestions about the kinds of prayers that God responds to, based on stories found in the Bible.


Andrew Fountain - Why the Story of Naaman is so Disruptive and Challenging

38:02 minutes (15.28 MB)
  • As we dive deeper into this account, we see more and more of the challenges, conceptual reversals and artistry in the narrative composition, with an exciting conclusion.


Andrew Fountain - The God Who Offers Secure Attachment

28:34 minutes (11.5 MB)
  • A core teaching of the Bible that is often missed, and that is deeply encouraging.


Andrew Fountain - Three Men and an Arrogant Emperor - Daniel 3 and its relevance for us today

38:42 minutes (15.57 MB)
  • Let’s take this distant story in a distant land at a distant time under a hot sun
  • and connect it to us right hear and now in Toronto
  • so that it means something very directly and specifically to us.

Andrew Fountain - The God who Carries Us — Isaiah 46

30:31 minutes (12.27 MB)
  • God says, “Even when you have grey hair, I will carry you.
    I made you and I will support you;” (Is 46:4)
  • Do you believe this, or are you investing everything in the idols of this age which will not be there for you in the end?

Andrew Fountain - When God doesn't seem to keep his promises

31:10 minutes (12.52 MB)
  • How is it that the events of our lives don’t always seem to match up with the promises of God?
  • It turns out that this is not just a personal struggle for a few, but one of the central themes of the Bible.

Andrew Fountain - When God doesn't seem to keep his promises (Pt.2)

49:36 minutes (19.92 MB)
  • Sometimes we can feel God was leading us, but end up in a bad place.
  • How should we understand this if this happens?
  • and guard against it happening to us?


Andrew Fountain - Read & Understand the Prophets pt.2 (Isaiah 5)

39:24 minutes (15.85 MB)
  • Learning a few basic ideas about how to read the Prophets can make a huge difference in how well we can understand and connect with the message.
  • Many people today think the Old Testament God is harsh and angry, but a correct reading of Isaiah 5 paints an entirely different picture.

Andrew Fountain - Problems with Prophecies Against Other Nations, and some Good Answers (Isaiah 15-16; 19-20 & Jonah)

37:28 minutes (15.07 MB)
  • On the surface these prophecies against other nations can seem like unrelenting destruction,
    but on closer inspection there is a surprising revelation of the true heart of God in love and mercy,
    which culminated in the sending of his own son to die for the sins of his enemies.

Andrew Fountain - Understanding O.T. Prophecies of the Future (Prophets pt.4/4)

35:29 minutes (14.29 MB)
  • The goal is to help us notice themes when we are reading the O.T. prophets, and capture the hope and excitement of their vision of the future.


Andrew Fountain - Living in the Freedom of the New Covenant (Gen 15 & Jer 31)

38:08 minutes (15.33 MB)
  • When you really understand the New Covenant, it will transform your life, bring you into a new freedom, and enrich your relationship with God.
  • Sadly it is rarely explained, and most Christians are not entirely free from the Old.

Andrew Fountain - Living in the Freedom of the New Covenant part 2 (Jer 31 & Heb 8)

46:42 minutes (18.76 MB)
  • When you really understand the New Covenant, it will transform your life, bring you into a new freedom, and enrich your relationship with God.
  • Sadly it is rarely explained, and most Christians are not entirely free from the Old.

Andrew Fountain - Elijah is Suicidal--God's Response and the New Covenant pt.3

37:43 minutes (15.2 MB)
  • In this extraordinary story, God replaced his old way of speaking with a new way, through Jesus.
  • It is imperative that you learn to hear this voice.


Andrew Fountain - The New Covenant brings a New Commandment - Love

31:48 minutes (12.78 MB)
  • While simple on the surface, some interesting and important questions come up, like
  • ‘What about this is actually new?’ and
  • ‘If it is part of our new nature, why should it require effort?’
  • together with asking what it might look like in our lives.

Andrew Fountain - How Passover became Breaking Bread, and how to Celebrate it

34:46 minutes (14 MB)
  • Passover was the central memorial feast of the Old Covenant,
  • and while celebrating it with his disciples, Jesus replaced it with a new feast,
  • saying ‘this is the New covenant in my blood, do this in remembrance of me!’
  • We explore 7 ways in which it connects with us.

Andrew Fountain - Fitting Together the Old Testament Stories

28:16 minutes (11.38 MB)
  • If we can see how it all fits together, not only does it make more sense, but it speaks to us in a new way.