Update from Jordan McDonnell in Haiti



After a mere 15 hours of travelling I am able to say that I have arrived safe in my new home. I want to say thank you to each of you for the support and prayer you have given me during the preparation period for this trip. Thank you to Newlife Church for their amazing send off last Sunday, it was a huge blessing to have you all pray over me ‎and send me off.

Thanksgiving Meal


We had a fantastic time celebrating Thanksgiving as a church family: there was a great amount of food, and a wonderful time of fellowship. We love these occasions where we gather together and enjoy each other’s company so keep an eye out for the next church meal!

Thanksgiving abundance--lots for everyone!
Thanksgiving abundance—lots for everyone!

Thanks to some great organization, everyone was able to contribute, and the different parts of the meal were brought by different people.

So many choices (and there was a choice of pies as well)
So many choices (and there was a choice of pies as well)

BBQ in Riverdale Park

We had a great BBQ on Sunday. The weather was perfect, the location worked really well, and almost everyone signed up to bring food contributions. We can hardly wait for the next one!

Here are some pictures:

Wow, these burgers are awesome.
Wow, these burgers are awesome.
Feeding frenzy
Feeding frenzy
Lots of great food contributions--thanks everyone!
Lots of great food contributions—thanks everyone!
Can you spot the veggie-burger?
Can you spot the veggie-burger?

Andrew & Anne's Sri Lanka Trip

Arrived in Sri Lanka

Just arrived at the pastor’s house where we are staying in Trincomalee, NW Sri Lanka after 30 hours travel in total. Passed a wild elephant on the way!

Praise God for a safe trip. (The roads are crazy—lots of small motorbikes with large loads and 3-wheeled taxis.) Time for some sleep!

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First full day in Sri Lanka

There was no time to recover from jet-lag, we set off first thing in the morning for one of the orphanages. By the way, the time difference between here and Canada is 9.5 hours, so the timing of these posts might seem a little odd.

Here is the outside view of the main building:

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Day two in Sri Lanka

The second day got off to an early start. Anne and the others went to visit some of the pre-schools to meet the children and teachers, and to do some teaching.

I was taken in a three-wheeler to the Bible School to teach the pastors. The military are everywhere and our vehicle was stopped on the way and we were questioned.

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Day three

Today we drove to one of the areas hardest hit by the war, and then by the Tsunami, and then by drought.

Around a third of the crops are lost to elephants, so during the last few months before the harvest, a man is posted to sleep up a tower in the fields. If he hears an elephant he will light a branch and try to scare it away because elephants do not like fire.

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Sat, Sun & Mon (days 4-6)

Saturday was a quieter day with less on our schedule. We were given the afternoon off and a man from the church with a three-wheeled “auto” gave us a tour of the city of Trincomalee.

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A trip to the mountains (days 7 & 8)

They said to me “You are the first missionary to preach in our village since the British built it 160 years ago”. Many of the children had never seen a white face before. But before we come to that, there was the city, the ocean and the wedding.

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The Mountains and back home to Trincomalee - Days 9 - 11

Growing strawberries in the mountains, the tea factory, plus lots more pictures. (Thursday, Friday and Saturday)

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The final two days -- Sunday & Monday

Seeing an Elephant, our last Sunday, some thoughts about Sri Lanka (and Sri Lankan driving tips) and finally the trip back home.

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Men's Brunch

Sat, 2014-05-10 - 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

If you are a man, you are invited to the men’s brunch this Saturday (10 May) for food, fellowship and some fruitful discussion.

  • Time: 11:00am
  • Location: The Game’s Room, Tafari & Bimbo’s
    (Dundas & Sackville)
    225 Sackville Street, Unit 507, buzzer 3370 or 3371

Please bring $2 to contribute to the food, and come expecting a fantastic time in the company of the great men of Newlife.

Newlife Cycle Ride


Cycling to: High Park.

Date: Aug 17, 2013

Bring: lunches, water bottles, sunscreen, light clothing, and helmets.

  • Eva & Heather used the car to transport the lunch items and any other nonessential items to our rest and picnic spots.

Tommy Thompson Park

City Lookout Point

  • A time of worship and prayer for Toronto
Tommy Thompson Park (Lesie Spit)
Tommy Thompson Park (Lesie Spit)
A great place to pray for Toronto
A great place to pray for Toronto

High Park

Kids Ministry Launched

having fun with the toys Bible activities

Newlife church has launched a kids ministry on Sundays. We are using the Mayflower Bible Lessons curriculum that has activities for children of all ages. As our numbers increase we plan to split the kids into age levels and start a youth ministry.


Seminar on the Prophetic Gift with Phil Wilthew

Saturday’s seminar was a huge success. We began with worship, and then a teaching session from Phil that explained the biblical basis for prophecy. Practical exercises started with encouraging one another.

(from left to right) Simon, Melanie, John and Phil

As we moved into the afternoon, Phil and the team talked about obstacles such as fear and a spirit of proud self-sufficiency and there were lots more opportunities to put what we were learning into practice as we prayed for one another.

Phil Wilthew teaching

Newlife Church at Cabbagetown Festival 2009

Our Cabbagetown Festival event was a great success and everything we planned worked well—

  • 240 water bottles with Newlife labels were given away in less than an hour
  • over 200 cookie packs went in the same time
  • The live worship music was excellent
  • The buttons were a great hit
  • Dozens of people participated in the “Toronto Needs Hope” chart
  • We were able to strike up some good conversations
  • And what is really important—most of the church participated in some way

Making buttons on Friday evening:

Making buttons on Friday evening - Newlife Church Toronto at the Cabbagetown Festival

The finished buttons:

The finished buttons - Newlife Church Toronto at the Cabbagetown Festival

Richard and Tricia leading worship:

Richard and Tricia leading worship - Newlife Church Toronto at the Cabbagetown Festival

Attracting passers-by at the Festival, outside St. Martin’s:

Attracting passers-by at the Festival, outside St. Martin's - Newlife Church Toronto at the Cabbagetown Festival

Some of the 240 water bottles given away:

Some of the 240 water bottles given away - Newlife Church Toronto at the Cabbagetown Festival

Luke and Amanda, manning the table:

Luke and Amanda, manning the table - Newlife Church Toronto at the Cabbagetown Festival

Mini “Newlife Values” Packs:


Official Newlife Church Launch

I am excited to announce the official launch of Newlife Church, Toronto, this coming Sunday (April 26th) at 3:00pm.

Many people have been working hard for the last few weeks, preparing for our new “look” and distributing invitations around the neighbourhood, as well as working behind the scenes on administration and planning.

We will have a larger team than usual leading the worship, with Luke and Dan joined by others. Andrew will be preaching a gospel message, so this would be a good time to invite your friends.

Josh has designed us a wonderful new logo:

Newlife Church, Toronto.

We have a new website which is about to go live on any moment, but if you want to have a sneak preview, take a look at this link: temporary link to new website.

During this week we have been handing out fliers. This is what the front looks like. (On the back is more about the church and a map.)

Newlife Church Toronto: Leaf flyer.

Heather took the leaf photo as well as an amazing shot of grass growing up through concrete which we used as a basis for the poster below. We distributed a letter to people living around the school where we meet containing an invitation and a smaller version of grass photo. We do hope you can make it on Sunday and bring as many friends as you are able! (Beware that the DVP is closed all day.)

Here is the poster:

Newlife Church Toronto, launch poster, April 2009.

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