Update from Jordan McDonnell in Haiti



After a mere 15 hours of travelling I am able to say that I have arrived safe in my new home. I want to say thank you to each of you for the support and prayer you have given me during the preparation period for this trip. Thank you to Newlife Church for their amazing send off last Sunday, it was a huge blessing to have you all pray over me ‎and send me off.

My travels were fairly eventful after getting to the airport at 4am without having slept, only to find out that there was an embargo in place on extra baggage, which I had. I tried to upgrade classes, bargain and plead with them but was told there was nothing they could do. So I had to try and repack my bags while deciding which 1/3 of my belongs weren’t important. I hope I made good choices but I regret some already.

Everything in Port-au-Prince went great, and I was able to get my phone working right in the airport. I got to my house, unpacked most of my bags, everything made it although I had a few things crack or get bent, but still functional. Curt and Mary had me over for dinner, which was excellent. Then I came home and slept for a solid 11 hours.

In Christ,