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Andrew Fountain - The extraordinary poem hidden in the first 18 verses of John

33:04 minutes (13.34 MB)

Download a PDF of the handout here: John 1 handout

Andrew Fountain - Why the very first believers were so drawn to Jesus

40:41 minutes (16.31 MB)

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Andrew Fountain - A Different take on turning Water into Wine

40:30 minutes (16.28 MB)
  • Why does Jesus answer Mary in such an odd way? It is almost rude and seems very out of character.
  • Yet it turns out that this answer is what unlocks the challenge to us in the story.


Andrew Fountain - Anger and Love in the Temple

31:12 minutes (12.59 MB)
  • What exactly made Jesus so angry?
  • Why did he gave such a strange answer to the Pharisees?
  • When we can truly resonate with Jesus’ anger and feel his love, we can get what this story is all about.

Andrew Fountain - Born from Above

49:21 minutes (19.81 MB)
  • Jesus challenged Nicodemus to think outside his religious box.

Andrew Fountain - God's Love for Humanity

40:20 minutes (16.17 MB)
  • John 3:16 is probably the best known verse in the Bible, but it has a hidden depth and richness that makes it (and the rest of the passage) well worth studying.


Andrew Fountain - The Woman at the Well - Jesus Sees your Deepest Need

38:49 minutes (15.6 MB)

Andrew Fountain - A Challenging Story about the Journey of Faith

30:01 minutes (12.09 MB)
  • Even if you are a Christian, there are some deep challenges in this story. Jesus wants to keep challenging you until you really know who he is, and act accordingly.


Andrew Fountain - New Life at the Pool - Healing followed by some radical claims

36:01 minutes (14.47 MB)

Andrew Fountain - What on earth does it mean to 'feed on Jesus' and why this is one of the most important things you can ever learn

38:15 minutes (15.36 MB)
  • After feeding the 5000 and walking on water, Jesus was asked to provide more food. The answer he gave was very strange, and resulted in many people walking away from him.


Andrew Fountain - A deeper look at the strange words: 'Eat my flesh and drink my blood'

39:25 minutes (15.85 MB)
  • These strange sounding words can be, for your, a deep source of life.


Andrew Fountain - If anyone is thirsty

38:07 minutes (15.32 MB)
  • Are you feeling dry and thirsty? Jesus is offering cool refreshing water: abundant, life-giving and free. Come and drink!


Andrew Fountain - Getting Free from the Lies that Drag us into Darkness

44:16 minutes (17.75 MB)
  • There is a voice inside you that is telling you lies!
  • Experience what it is like to have the truthful words of Jesus bringing freedom from this darkness.


Andrew Fountain - How the Man Born Blind challenges you and me

30:23 minutes (12.21 MB)
  • On the surface this is a simple healing story,
  • but John has beautifully put together a series of events and conversations that build up to a startling revelation from Jesus
  • that his light can actually lead people to become blind,
  • and we ourselves need to pay close attention.

Andrew Fountain - The deeper, fuller meaning of the parable of the Good Shepherd

41:22 minutes (16.63 MB)

Andrew Fountain - How come Jesus weeps before raising Lazarus? --The Good Shepherd in Action

42:48 minutes (17.16 MB)

Andrew Fountain - Jesus' last days of teaching: Why so few really 'got' him. Can you?

34:49 minutes (13.98 MB)

Andrew Fountain - The God who will Love You to the End and Wash Your Feet

34:30 minutes (13.86 MB)

Andrew Fountain - Let not your Hearts be Troubled - Jesus Reveals Surprising Things about the Father

33:42 minutes (13.53 MB)

Andrew Fountain - The Breathtaking Invitation by Jesus into a New Dimension of Connection to with God

33:25 minutes (13.43 MB)

Andrew Fountain - The Flow of God's Energy - Jesus Explains how to be Connected to the Vine

31:08 minutes (12.54 MB)

Andrew Fountain - My peace I give to you... Do not let your hearts be troubled or be fearful

36:21 minutes (14.6 MB)

Andrew Fountain - What does the Promise of the Spirit of Truth mean for us?

43:34 minutes (17.47 MB)

Andrew Fountain - Do This... so that Your Joy may be Full

41:49 minutes (16.77 MB)

Andrew Fountain - John 17: THe Greatest Prayer in the Bible

39:34 minutes (15.86 MB)

Andrew Fountain - Safe and Sent: Coming to Grips with the Challenge of Jesus in John 17

31:21 minutes (12.6 MB)

Andrew Fountain - The High Point in the whole of Jesus' Teachings

36:13 minutes (14.55 MB)
  • Jesus highest teachings, given just to his disciples in John 14–17 come to a climax in his prayer at the end,
    and now we reach the very pinnacle of the prayer


Andrew Fountain - Our Destiny: to Receive and to Give Divine Love - John 17

32:37 minutes (13.11 MB)
  • We are a gift from the Father to Jesus: his beloved ones
  • He gives our love back to the Father as a gift:
    to be revealers of God’s self-giving love to the world (and universe)
  • This is the highest expression of the Christian faith you will ever hear.

Andrew Fountain - Betrayed, Arrested, Abandoned, Denied and Abused - John 18

41:11 minutes (16.55 MB)
  • Jesus was betrayed, arrested, abandoned, denied and abused.
  • Yet those were the very people he came to die for!
  • What manner of love is this?


Andrew Fountain - What we can learn about ourselves from Pilate

38:25 minutes (15.43 MB)
  • Pilate was faced with a choice that in some ways is very similar to ours, even if we are a Christian.


Andrew Fountain - Why John is so selective when telling the story of the Crucifixion

40:15 minutes (16.16 MB)
  • John is very selective, but this is because he is very focused in the unique way he wants us to relate to Jesus as he suffers and dies on the cross, a way that we miss if we don’t follow his references

Andrew & Anne Fountain - Jesus' Burial, with some Insights from Archeology

40:40 minutes (16.32 MB)
  • We believe the Bible because it is God’s word, but nevertheless it is encouraging to our faith so see the strength of the evidence.
  • Plus it helps us to visualize and conceptualize what actually happened at a real place and date.

Andrew Fountain - How Jesus' Resurrection Directly Empowers Us

24:42 minutes (9.93 MB)
  • The resurrection of Jesus was not simply coming back to life, but the start of a new kind of humanity.
  • It gives us access to a new kind of life within us—empowered for victory.


Andrew Fountain - What we can learn from Mary Magdalene at the Empty Tomb

37:57 minutes (15.25 MB)
  • Life from the resurrected Jesus brought life to those around him.
  • You can experience more of that life, as Mary did.


Andrew Fountain - A Meal on the Beach with Jesus

31:41 minutes (12.73 MB)
  • People get fixated on the 153 fish, Peter’s clothes or odd behaviour, and miss the wondrous and life-changing point that this story is making.


Andrew Fountain - From Shame and Sin to Strength—How Jesus Restored Peter

27:40 minutes (11.12 MB)
  • This story helps us understand how Jesus deals with our failure.
  • Come to him and let him gently restore you and give you strength.
  • Just honestly tell him about it, and accept it is the same gentle Jesus that talked with Peter on the beach that morning.

Andrew Fountain - Meeting Jesus in the pages of John

28:13 minutes (11.34 MB)
  • John’s desire is that we should meet Jesus through his writing.
  • Even if we are Christians, we can meet him in a new and powerful way as we engage in these pages with the one who is both God and human.