Sermon Series on Colossians

Part 1: Truth that brings life - Col 1:1–9

  • We’ve started a new series in the book of Colossians
  • The title is “Truth that brings life”, and we pray that we will be transformed as God’s truth enters us and grows like a seed to a plant.

Part 2: A Letter in the Shape of a Tree: Colossians

  • The meaning of life, the universe and everything is condensed into four short chapters.
  • The design of the book is exquisite:
  • It’s shaped like a tree, with a root system, a trunk, and branches that carry fruit.

Part 3: The Power of Thankfulness

  • Thankfulness not only pleases God, but works at every level of the Christian life, from our roots to bringing victory and answers to prayer.

Part 4: The Song hidden in Colossians

  • A few songs can be found in the N.T. but the one found hidden in Colossians is the longest and the most amazing. But it’s never all been put together as a song in English... until now.

Part 5: Passionate about Christ—the Hidden Treasure

  • Paul is passionate about what God has revealed:
  • A truth, like a hidden treasure that has now been revealed.
  • A truth so extraordinary: that this Jesus Christ, the highest being in the universe, is in us!

Part 6: The Source of our New Life: United with Christ

  • There is no truth that has such ability to give us joy, strength and victory, and to produce the finest fruit in our lives, as that of being united with Jesus Christ.
  • If we really get it, really grasp it, it will transform us.

Part 7: Defeating Temptation with a New Identity and Destiny

How do we resist temptations (like Boston Cream donuts)?

  • Not logic, or willpower, or fear, or emotional persuasion,
  • but being captivated by a new destiny, and living out of a new identity.

Part 8: New Clothes

The ways you relate to others are like the clothes you wear.

  • But the inner you is already new.
  • Put on some clothes to match!

Part 9: Bringing Heaven down into Family & Relationships

Bringing the new reality of heaven,

  • who we are and what we have in Christ,
  • down into our families and other relationships.

Part 10: Two Simple Keys for Living in the World

Paul gives us two simple keys:

  • for the workplace
  • and for relating to unbelievers.