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Andrew Fountain - The Gospel 2: The Preaching of Peter

34:28 minutes (12.51 MB)

The events of Acts Chapter 3

  • We are going to read Acts 3:1-4:4 and then in a few mins we will watch it on video from the Visual Bible
    • The healing
    • The Message

What we can learn?

1. Not everything in this account can be directly applied to our situation

  • Differences

2. But some things can

Andrew Fountain - The Gospel 3: Presenting the Gospel to Pagans

41:33 minutes (15.06 MB)
  • Two witnesses in Luke
    • Two examples of preaching to Gentiles who come from a pagan background (unlike Cornelius)
    • We will watch first, go through passages and then watch the second
  • Watch video: (disk 2, 01_1-04:10) 13:44—>14:20 (8:02)
  • Only twice do we have a record of Paul’s preaching to Gentiles who have little or no contact with the Old Testament.