Sermon Series on Hebrews

Part 1: Jesus is Better than Everything - Hebrews pt.1

  • The best way to start the new year is by seeing that Jesus is far better than everything else we could possibly have in this coming year. Way better!

Part 2: Hebrews Part 2 - The Back-Story

  • There are stories behind the book of Hebrews. We know some of their stories, and they relate to our stories today. The message is powerful and speaks to our hearts.

Part 3: Hebrews Part 3 - The Test and the Rest

  • Adam failed the test. Israel failed the test (and so couldn’t enter rest). What makes us different that we should pass? There’s still a test, but Jesus has turned it inside out, and it’s not what most people think it is.

Part 4: Can a Christian fall away? - Hebrews pt.4

  • What does this passage actually say?
  • And how does it fit in with other Scriptures that speak of the “Unforgivable Sin?”.

Part 5: The Central Message of Hebrews (pt.5)

  • Hebrews is symetrical
  • Everything hangs on what is at the centre.
  • And right in middle of the centre we have “an anchor for the soul, sure and steadfast”

Part 6: The New Covenant Meal

  • There are a lot of rich images when we break bread together as a church.
  • Today we explore how it connects us with Jesus in the New Covenant (Heb 8:6–0)

Part 7: The wonder of the New Covenant

The wonder of the New Covenant
coming on Sunday

Dates for parts 8–10 TBA