Audio by genre foundations_of_our_faith

Andrew Fountain - What God is Like

40:40 minutes (16.33 MB)
  • Can these both be true? and if so then how can we really be close to him?
  • Some parts of the Bible show God as really scary and other parts gentle and comforting.


Andrew Fountain - God and the Spirit World

36:07 minutes (14.56 MB)
  • The Different Kinds of Beings in Existence
  • The Pagan world view and avoiding it
  • Evil & Suffering—It’s Origin & Destiny


Andrew Fountain - How the World got Broken

36:01 minutes (14.49 MB)
  • Most people will agree that there is something very wrong with this world
  • How did it get this way?
  • And how can we personally avoid falling into temptation in our lives?


Andrew Fountain - How the cross and the resurrection changed everything

32:24 minutes (13.02 MB)
  • Union with Christ is the single most important idea in the whole of Christianity.
  • If you truly understand what it means, and get a really firm grasp of it, then it will affect you profoundly.

Andrew Fountain - New life in Christ, renewed by the Spirit

41:48 minutes (16.78 MB)
  • Living in the New, not the old—two huge ways in which being in the New Creation changes everything (because we are united to Christ).


Andrew Fountain - Loved by God

26:12 minutes (12.04 MB)
  • One ofthe things that gets in the way of our walk with God is that we so often fail and do the wrong thing
  • This can fill us with shame, and stop us coming to God
  • Here are two bad solutions to this problem and one really, really good one!

Andrew Fountain - Jesus' Design for the Christian Life

33:57 minutes (13.65 MB)
  • In his last words to his disciples before he died, Jesus laid out for them a plan.

Andrew Fountain - The End of the World amd the Age to Come

50:17 minutes (20.22 MB)
  • We answer 12 common questions about the events leading up to Christ’s return, the day of judgement, and the age to come, with a focus on Matthew 24 & 25. We then consider what the Parable of the Wise and Foolish Virgins really means, and how it challenges us.