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David Campbell - Leadership in the Local Church

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David Campbell - Lazarus

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David Campbell - Being filled with the Spirit

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David Campbell - What makes a church?

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David Campbell - Light in the Darkness

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David Campbell - The Challenge of Change

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David Campbell - The Turning Point of History

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David Campbell - Seven Tools to Make Sense of Suffering

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David Campbell - Personal Freedoms and Love - How New Testament Churches Handled Contentious Issues

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  • It so is sad to see churches experiencing divisions regarding response to the pandemic.

David Campbell - The Holy Spirit in the Old Testament and the Coming of the Messiah

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  • Rather than being someone who was hidden till Pentecost,
  • the Holy Spirit was an active agent in the Old Creation,
  • worked tirelessly to prepare the way for Jesus,
  • and is now working in us,
  • bringing dry bones to life in the New Creation.