Word-Team Videos for May 5, 2019

  • Kiran, Jithin & Claire shared powerful messages from the Word

The lost sheep is found (Luke 15:3–7)

  • We are all lost, just in different ways.
  • The feeling of joy cannot be put in words when the Shepherd finds you and carries you on his shoulders and takes you home safe.
  • It’s amazing that Jesus is so happy about saving us. How much more can we rejoice.

John 14 and my story of coming to know God (John 14)

  • There’s always more excitement around the corner
  • God is willing to teach us and bring us closer to him each day. Are we open to it?
  • Rejoice in the journey with the Lord for his ways are marvelous and exciting.

God is worthy of our praise (Isaiah 12)

  • Even though we are going through difficult times and life may feel unfair, God is worthy of our praise.
  • If we fix our eyes on Jesus we will not grow weary and not lose heart.