Sermon Series on Philippians

Part 1: What makes Philippians so unusual [Philippians 1:1–11]

  • Philippians is highly unusual because it is so personal.
  • Not a highly organized theological structure but instead an insight into Paul’s heart and deep feelings,
  • and an insight into Christ’s emotions toward us.
  • Wow, Amazing!

Part 2: Paul shows us how he deals with his own anxiety [Philippians 1:12–30]

  • In an intimate way, Paul takes us inside his own inner world and shows how he copes with anxiety.

Part 3: Be captivated by Jesus [Philippians 2:1–11]

  • This passage contains the most amazing song about who Jesus is and what he has done.
  • Read it and be captivated by his love, and let his mind and heart be in you!

Part 4: Awe and Wonder at God’s Plan for Us [Philippians 2:12–30]

  • What on earth does ‘work out your own salvation with fear and trembling’ mean?.
  • Is it, ‘Salvation is up to you and be very scared that you don’t make it’?
  • It turns out that this ‘problem verse’ is in fact massively encouraging.

Part 5: Making Sense of the Present in Light of the Future [Philippians 3:1–4:1]

  • When you look at the foundations of a building, it can be hard to figure out what it’s supposed to be, unless of course you see the architect’s visualization of the final design.
  • And so With a few simple ideas, Paul turns everything around so that it makes sense.

Part 6: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me [Philippians 4:10–19]

  • This is such an encouraging verse, but it seems to big. What does ‘all things’ include?
  • Learn what it means and how to access this power.

Part 7: Five ways to stand firm [Philippians 4:1–9]

  • Paul says “Stand firm in this way...” and then lists five powerful keys to defeating the enemy.

Part 8: God supplies our needs [Philippians 4:10–20]

  • God’s heart is to fill you up with blessings from his own rich abundance.
  • Catch hold of Paul’s secret for contentment
  • and bring a fragrant offering to God, simply because you love him.

Part 9: Philippians: End of series wrap-up [Philippians]

  • A quick overview of each part of Philippians with some activites (done in church) to help us focua on what God is saying to us.