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Andrew Fountain - How the Church Grows Up—Why every person needs to play their part

39:28 minutes (15.83 MB)

I’m optimistic about the future of the church. That’s because in Eph 4, God says that we’re moving out of childhood and into maturity. But how?


Andrew Fountain - Identifying your gifts

41:03 minutes (16.49 MB)

Please download & print the worksheet for this talk: gifts_worksheet.pdf

The church grows by every part doing their share. But how do I know what my part is?

Andrew Fountain - Empowered to Use your Gifts - Victory in the Christian Life

39:10 minutes (15.73 MB)

For centuries many have struggled with this, and 100’s of books have been written. Is there an answer?

Many people struggle with feeling that their Christian life is a failure—a lack of power, joy, or victory over sin.

Andrew Fountain - Seven Values of Newlife Church, using the church at Antioch as a model

38:15 minutes (15.37 MB)

How do you build something without plans?