Values of Newlife Church


1. The Church listen to audio/notes

  • What is a church? —local and global
  • The Church and the Kingdom
  • Newfrontiers—a family of churches on the move together
  • How Newlife and Newfrontiers fit in with the broad sweep of Christianity through history
  • History and vision of Newlife church

2. Grace and Salvation listen to audio/notes

  • God’s free gift and how we receive it
  • New life and the new identity in Christ
  • God’s promise to keep us
  • Living in grace as opposed to performance

3. The Bible listen to audio/notes

  • Truth as one of our pillars
  • The ultimate authority
  • What we mean by “no errors”
  • How we grow by the Word

4. The Holy Spirit watch video | audio/notes

  • New life in the Spirit
  • What happened at Pentecost
  • Signs and wonders today
  • Entering God’s presence as we worship in the Spirit (the N.T. model)
  • The need to be filled with the Spirit

5. Leadership in the Church watch video | audio/notes

  • Gifts (including gifts of leadership and pastoring) are distributed throughout the body
    • Men & women, children & adults
  • The role of Elders in the New Testament
    • Plurality, “guard the gate”, responsible for what is taught, answer to God for members
  • Apostles, teams and trans-local gifts
    • Independent but also inter-dependent

6. Giving listen to audio/notes

  • Not under the law of the tithe
    • Grace causes us to give at least as much as law, but there is freedom to chose
    • God loves the freewill giver
    • Everything we have belongs to him
  • Abuses around today, such as:
    • Give to get
    • If you don’t tithe, Satan has a legal right to destroy your finances
  • Yet there is a principle of “sowing and reaping” in 2 Cor 5:9-15; Phil 4:14-19

7. Why be a member? watch video | audio/notes

  • The importance of community in the NT
  • Commitment and belonging
    • What we commit to give
    • What others are committed to giving us
  • Become part of a homegroup!

8. Outward looking watch video | audio/notes

  • The Kingdom and society
  • Spreading the Kingdom: Evangelism
  • Demonstrating the love and character of the Kingdom in social action
  • Demonstrating the power of the Kingdom in signs and wonders
  • Demonstrating the truth of the Kingdom in being a voice in society and “salt” in the earth

9. A New Testament Church watch video | audio/notes

  1. Evangelism and Growth by God’s grace and favour
  2. In Relationship with other churches
  3. A foundation of excellent teaching
  4. Strong in all the supernatural gifts of the Spirit
  5. Loves one another sacrificially and responds to social needs
  6. People and leadership are diverse
  7. Values of prayer and God’s presence as our source of strength
  8. Has missions at it’s heart and is a strong sending and resourcing base

10. Moving in Faith watch video | audio/notes

  • My strength is in Your name
    For You alone can save
    You will deliver me
    Yours is the victory
    (Chris Tomlin)