Word-Team Videos for March 17, 2019

  • Charles, Ruth & Jane shared powerful messages from the Word

Praying with authority (Luke 10:17-22 & Matthew 9:27-29)

  • Your authority is because you are part of God’s family
  • You don’t have to have amazing knowledge
  • You have to have faith and preserve (see slides at the bottom)

Making Space for God (Mark 4:3-25)

  • Our actions in themselves don’t change us, but when we make space in our hearts and minds space for God’s word to take root, then it can grow and bear fruit (see slides at the bottom)

The Learning Curve (Psalm 143:6-11)

  • David was a son of God, living his life for God, but, even for him, doing this in a practical way had a learning curve
  • It’s ok for us to doubt and ask questions, and we are all on the same curve of learning to trust God when we doubt. (see slides at the bottom)

Slides for all talks