Picnic in Riverdale Park (Sunday July 5th)


This Sunday, Newlife Church is having a "bring and share" picnic:

  • in Riverdale Park (just along the street from the school where we meet).
  • Come 4:45-5:00pm and we’ll start to eat at 5:15.

PLEASE sign up if you are able to come, as soon as possible so we can plan food.

To sign up: Please go to the bottom of the page to where you can see “Post new comment”,

  • put your name in the Subject box, and put what you are planning to bring in the Comment box.
    • If you are not sure whether you are coming or not, just write that in the comments.
  • When you are done, you must go right down to the bottom of the page and click on the (Save) button or it will not be saved.

If you have any questions you can call Paul or email him at: meal200906@nlife.ca

Andrew and Anne

We will bring sandwiches


( 1 Package of Burgers...so we might need some more? )

Denise Morrison and Roy Morrison

One pack of burgers uncooked and bottle of pop


Two Pecan Pies.


Bringing BBO and charcoal

If you are thinking about brining something...

we still need buns, toppings(veggies), condiments, plates, napkins, beverages, more meat, etc?


I will also bring some sausages


I will bring buns for burgers and licorice.


So, Andrew, heard you have bbq and charcoal?

Then i am not bringing them.

I will bring more meat and veggies for toppings then!


15 paper plates...we probably need more though

Richard & Tricia Bristow

Chicken Thighs - already cooked
Pasta Salad
2 Pops

Martin & Rachel

Pasta salad; fruit juice

Alan Vincent

I will bring napkins, styrofoam cups, small styrofoam plates, plastic forks, ketchup, relish, musard, pop and bottled water (and Nathan).

Keith and Robyn Brooks

We will bring a green salad, and diet pop.

dan and heather

always last minute.....

we'll bring some more salad and some lemonade.