2012 Christmas Food On Dec 9

More than enough for seconds
More than enough for seconds

Next Sunday, Newlife Church is having a “bring and share” Christmas meal in the school gym, immediately following the service.

PLEASE sign up, as soon as possible so we can plan food.

To sign up:

  • Go to “Sign up here:” at the bottom of the page
  • Put what you are planning to bring in the Comment box.
  • Go right to the bottom and click (Save).

Check back as this page will be updated and items still needed are in bold:

Main/Savoury Dish Main/Savoury Dish Salad/Desert Drinks Stuff

Chicken Pot Pie (Evert & Sandra)

Brie & Cranberries (Mary Ann)

Pigs in blankets & mince pies (Ranjeetha & Stuart)

Main dish & cherry pie (Sue & Doug)

Potato salad & chicken (Carol Smith)

Beef/other dish (Grace & Brad)

Bucket of chicken (Hle & Bumo)

dish 8

dish 9

dish 10

Juice (2 cartons)

Juice (2 cartons)

Coffee (Anne)

Tea (Anne)

Milk (Anne)

Yummy salad & baby carrots (Amanda & Luke)

Salad 2

Salad 3

Muffins/cake (Geoff)

Cookies (Rachel & Sarah)

Dessert (Lise)

Cake (Anne)

Paper plates (Anne)

Cups (Anne)

Napkins (Marilyn)

Plastic utensils (Anne)

Single use tablecloth (Anne)

Garbage bags (Anne)

If you have any questions you can email Grace at: grace@nlife.ca

Evert & Sandra Heskes

Chicken Pot Pie

Mary Ann Stanic

Brie and Cranberries

Geoff Pratt


Ranjeetha and Stuart

Mince pies , pigs in blankets.

Sue & Doug

Main dish, and cherry pie

Rachel and Sarah




Carol Smith

Potatoe salad and chicken

Grace & Brad

Beef dish or some sort of main dish

Hle and Bumo

Bucket of chicken

Amanda and Luke

Yummy salad and baby carrots

Andy & Rutsuko

We'll bring Salad, but may be late!