Our Identity-A Spirit-Filled People

Review from Last Time

  1. God did an amazing thing by choosing a nation to be his special people
  2. In a remarkable way, we inherit this relationship
  3. Looking as how God and the nation of Israel related to each other can be a real help for us
    Three things in particular relating to holiness:
    1. We are pure and united because: God’s special dwelling place is with/in us
    2. We are pure and united because: We represent God to the nations
    3. We are pure and united because: God’s presence actually makes us pure

An immediate application to our lives:

1. The New is Really New

  The Nation of Israel Us, the New People
Law of God Written on stone tablets
and stored in the temple
at Jerusalem
Written on our hearts
by God himself
by means of the Holy Spirit
Holy Presence of God
which makes us holy
In the Temple at Jerusalem
They were to go there 3 times a year
to encounter God’s presence
God presence is within us
and among his people
through the Spirit

2. The ‘holy People’ theme in 1 Thess. 4:1-12

3. Conclusion

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