The Flow of God’s Energy—Jesus Explains how to be Connected to the Vine

—John 15:1–17 (Part 21)

  • Andrew Fountain – Mar 15, 2020

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  • To receive Jesus’ teaching on
    How to have victory in the Christian life

Plan for today

  1. The True Vine and the Branches
  2. How to Live Connected to the Vine
  3. Our Response

Structure of John

”Book of Signs”
”Book of Glory”

John 13–21 “Book of Glory”

13 A meal with the disciples

14–17 New Teaching
      from Jesus
to the disciples
18–20 Arrest

21 A meal with the disciples

Last 3 weeks:

  • Jesus —The God who will Wash your Feet and
    Love you to the End
  • The care. empathy and unselfishness of Jesus, and that
    the Father is just like Jesus
  • An invitation to step into
    the same love as is between Jesus & the Father

John 15:1–6 The True Vine

What does it mean to “dwell” or “abide”?

  1. Dwelling/Abiding = Mystical Experience of “emptying oneself”
  2. Dwelling/Abiding = Obedience

John 15:7–17 - Love one Another

Abide with Me

This is the secret of Victory

  1. If you dwell in me and #my words# dwell in you,
    ask whatever you want, and it will be done for you
  2. If you obey my commandments, you will dwell in my love
  3. This is my commandment
    to love one another just as I have loved you.
  • This is in you already through the Spirit
  • Chose to allow this love to flow out of you,
    and you will experience the love of God flowing into you