God’s gift of Everything

—Romans 8:31–39

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Romans 8:31–39


1. God’s gift to us of Jesus

Identity Theft

2. The Logic of v.32

Logic: 3 parts to a syllogism

  1. Cats have four legs
  2. Timothy is a cat
  3. Therefore Timothy has four legs

Another syllogism

  1. Canadians play the best hockey
  2. The Maple Leafs are Canadian
  3. Therefore the Maple Leafs always win the Stanley cup

A third syllogism

  1. Human beings (apart from Jesus) are imperfect and flawed
  2. The Queen is a human being
  3. The Queen is imperfect and flawed

Wonderful logic

  1. Father God has given the gift of Jesus Christ for us, to suffer and die and pay for our sins
  2. Nothing is more precious to the Father than Jesus
  3. There is no other gift that God would not give us

Romans 8:31

  1. “He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all”
  2. implied that his own Son is the most precious gift he could give
  3. “how will he not also, along with him, freely give us all things?”

3. But what about when it doesn’t seem like that?


  1. I am a child of the King
  2. All his resources are available to me
  3. So nothing bad will ever happen

Two Errors

None of heaven now Some of heaven All of heaven now
Don’t expect healing till heaven God loves to heal, so pray for it Healing is your right! You’ll always be healed if you have faith
All blessings are “spiritual” Pray for material blessings You have a right to the wealth of heaven now!

4. The Love of Christ

Romans 8:31–39