The End Times

—What Jesus, Paul and John tell us about the future

  • Andrew Fountain – May 22, 2011

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Approach to end-time prophecies

  1. Allow the simple and straightforward parts of Scripture to interpret the complex and difficult
    • Jesus’ teaching on the events preceding his coming in Matt 24
    • Paul also gave similar teaching in II Thessalonians
  2. Understand the language of symbols from other similar literature in the Bible
    • Symbols can be understood from other prophetic (apocalyptic) literature in the Scriptures (e.g. Daniel)
    • e.g. dragon/serpent ➜ Satan
    • e.g. Sun darkened & stars fall ➜ collapsing of earthly powers

End-times teachings

  • Jesus gives us an overview of the future in Matthew 24:3–51
  • Then Paul gives us a description in II Thessalonians 1:7–2:12
  • These two fit together very well to give us a framework
  • Revelation uses the same framework

Matthew 24:3–31, 36–44

Outline of Matthew 24:3–51

  1. The “Beginning of sorrows” & falling away
    • wars, famines, disease and earthquakes
  2. The Great Tribulation (need endurance)
    • False christs and false prophets do signs and wonders
  3. The shaking of the powers of “heaven”
  4. Return of Christ
    • Very obvious to all
    • He takes his people to be with him

II Thessalonians 2:1–12

Matt & 2 Thess combined

Rev 6–8:1 —Seven Seals

  • Two of the 7 series of visions are overviews of all history
  • They fit the same pattern
  • We will look at the first, the Seven Seals
  • (The other one is chapters 12–14)

Revelation 6:1–8:1

Matt, Thess & Rev combined


  • It’s going to be a rough ride
  • Jesus will win in the end
  • We need to be very discering
  • We need the power of the Spirit to keep us faithful