— What is the Christian’s response?


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Halloween masks

Halloween masks

These traditions preserve Samhain’s spirit of revelry in the face of frightening thoughts of death and the supernatural. Americans have added scary movies... ghost stories and Ouija boards to the celebration... The holiday is second only to Christmas in total revenue dollars for retailers. from The Learning Channel

What is good about Halloween?

What is bad about Halloween?

How should Christians respond?

A.             B.             C.             D.             E.
  1. Actively Campaign against it
  2. Blindly ignore/avoid it
  3. Cultural Participation (fancy dress parties)
  1. Everything except Death, Demons and torture
  2. Fully Participate
  1. As Christians we pick our fights.
    • Go with social evils that people have a conscience about anyway
    • Historically: Slave trade, Child labour
    • e.g. One of the biggest evils in our society is that it is a money machine
      • the only way it deals with problems such as mental illness, depression, drugs, violence and abuse
      • is to spend the least amount of money to keep it to a socially acceptable minimum
    • commercial profit is a god and everything gets sacrificed on that altar
  2. is probably the default option for many Christians
    • (only “Blindly” to make it a B. Not meant to be negative)
    • Probably what I do most of the time
  3. If you have children, this is probably a good option
    • You can have a fancy-dress party with a “no scary costumes” rule
    • Children won’t feel that they are missing out
    • There might be an opportunity to explain to friends why you are doing this
  4. Front yard display that is non-demonic
    • if you have kids, don’t dress them as the un-dead
  5. Go for the full scary blood and gore
    • Demons ceased in Bible times anyway didn’t they?