How the Man Born Blind challenges you and me

—Part 14: John 9

  • Andrew Fountain – Jan 12, 2020

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John 9 – Healing of the Man Born Blind


  • To understand this powerful story about light and blindness and apply it to ourselves


  1. The Big Story
  2. The Five Conversations
  3. Challenge: Which is your response to the light?

John 1–12 “Book of Signs”

1 Prolog

Wedding Nicodemus Woman at well Child healed
5 Sabbath Healing: Take up your bed and walk
6 Feeds 5000, I am the Bread of life
7 I am the Living Water (after walks on water)
8 I am the Light of the World
9-10 Sabbath Healing: Man born blind
11 Lazarus raised from the dead

12 Epilog

Parallels with healing by the pool

  • A pool involved
  • Sick a long time 38yrs/lifetime
  • Jesus takes the initiative in healing
  • The man is given a command which he obeys
  • On the Sabbath—which is a huge issue
  • Jesus disappears
  • Pharisees cross-question healed man
  • A statement at the end about the Pharisees’s guilt
  • Jesus finds the man again at the end and challenges him

2. The Five Conversations

  1. The neighbors and the people
  2. They brought the man to the Pharisees
  3. Pharisees summoned the parents
  4. Pharisees summoned the man a second time
  5. The man answered them

Track the Trust of 4 Groups

  1. Neighbors and people
  2. Man himself
  3. Pharisees
  4. Man’s Mother & Father

The problem with Light

  • When you shine a bright light into a situation, it forces a choice
  • Are you willing for Jesus to shine his bright light into your life?
  1. Jesus said, “For judgment I have come into this world, so that those who do not see may see, and the ones who see may become blind.”

3. Challenge: Which is your response to the light?

  • Neighbors: Life has enough stuff without more challenges
  • Mother & Father: This is too risky
  • Pharisees: I have a framework for life and this does not fit
  • Man: This is so important I’m willing to lose everything by openly aligning myself with Jesus
  • Can you pray: shine your light into my life Jesus?