The extraordinary poem hidden in the first 18 verses of John

—John 1:1–18 – The Proglogue

  • Andrew Fountain – Sept 8, 2019

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To be impacted by the power and the beauty
of the painting of Jesus
at the beginning of John.


  1. Explain what we are doing
  2. Work through the passage, verse by verse
  3. Ask how we should respond to it

The Gospel of John is like a pool,

shallow enough around the edge for a child to play,

but so deep that no diver can reach the bottom.
author unknown

Themes in John

  1. The life of God has come down to earth, so we can partake in the divine
  2. This life is received by faith—believing in Jesus. How does that happen?

How should we respond to it?

  1. Jesus came that we could be “born of God”
    Grasp the difference between the Old and the New
    What is From Below and what is From Above
    Live with a focus on the New, not the Old
  2. Think of how precious Jesus is to you.
    He has come from the Father’s side, to you
    So that you might have his life