Upcoming events including prayer meeting

Church Prayer Meeting on Zoom on

Monthly prayer meeting for the whole church

  • None of us ever expected that the pandemic restrictions would go on for such a long time
    • so it’s vital that we pray for the well-being of our church family
    • and the way forward for the church.
  • We’ll also devote some time praying for peace in Nigeria
    • and for God’s will in upcoming elections, both here and in our southern neighbour.
  • Join us as we bring the new season to God in prayer

Last Sunday’s sermon: “Why Study the Old Testament?”

  • The purpose of this talk is to convince you of the value of exploring the Old Testament,
  • and to begin the journey.
Why Study the Old Testament?
“Why Study the Old Testament?”

This Sunday: live streaming

Join us for our online meeting this Sunday.
Andrew will be speaking on part 2 of our new series on the Old Testament.
Not as good as physically meeting together, but we can still experience unity in the Spirit!

  • To join us this Sunday at 11:00am go to our YouTube LiveStream channel: go.church.to/now
  • It helps our YouTube status if you subscribe to the channel, thanks!

After church fellowship time

After church we have a fellowship time on Zoom. For those of you who have not taken part in this, we miss you!
Please join us on go.church.to/after

Can we pray for you?

Our prayer team would normally be praying for people after church on Sunday
Since we can’t gather, they are ready to pray for any personal needs you may have.

A good number of people are emailing in their prayer requests and our prayer team are really glad to pray for them.

Please send them to: prayer@nlife.ca
All requests will be kept in strictest confidence and known only to those praying for you.

Offerings Online

You can give your church offerings through Interac very simply by sending it to give@nlife.ca
No password is needed, and you will get a tax receipt, as usual, at the end of the year.


We are running our homegroups via Zoom – please contact your homegroup leader for details, or reply to this email if you are not connected.

Save the Date

Don’t forget to put these exciting events in your calendar

  • : Church Prayer Meeting on Zoom
  • : Men’s Brunch via Zoom

This Sunday

This Sunday morning 11am, we’re meeting online at go.church.to/now

  • Worship led by Dan
  • Andrew will be preaching on part 2 of our new series on the Old Testament
12:15 Gathering on Zoom for fellowship

Tuesday Homegroups

Time Homegroup Location
7:30pm Downtown East meeting online
7:30pm Downtown Central meeting online

Wednesday Homegroups

8:00pm Northwest meeting online