Prayer meeting tonight, Men’s brunch on Sat, plus other upcoming events

Church Prayer Meeting on Zoom tonight

Monthly prayer meeting for the whole church

  • We have had some powerful prayer meetings recently, both in terms of a sense of the presence of God, and in seeing so many answers to our prayers.
  • There are over 150 names for God in the Bible, and learning to address him by these names can enrich our relationship with him.
  • Tonight we are going to think about one of the names, and try addressing him with that name as we pray.
  • Join us as we bring everything to God in prayer

Men’s Brunch via Zoom this Saturday

A time for discussing some practical issues

  • All Newlife men are welcome!
  • B.Y.O.B (Bring Your Own Brunch/Bacon/etc.)
  • Date:
  • Time: 10:30am-12:30pm
  • Place: Join us on Zoom at 10:30am at

This Sunday: live streaming

Join us for our online meeting this Sunday.
Andrew will be speaking on Shock, disbelief and wonder at the resurrected Jesus (John 20).
Not as good as physically meeting together, but we can still experience unity in the Spirit!

  • Please join us this Sunday at 11:00am on our channel:
  • It helps our YouTube status if you subscribe to the channel, thanks!

Last Sunday’s sermon: “How Jesus’ Resurrection Directly Empowers Us”

  • The resurrection of Jesus was not simply coming back to life, but the start of a new kind of humanity.
  • It gives us access to a new kind of life within us—empowered for victory.
How Jesus' Resurrection Directly Empowers Us
“How Jesus’ Resurrection Directly Empowers Us”

After church fellowship time

Last Sunday we had a great fellowship time after church on Zoom. For those of you who have not taken part in this, we miss you!
Please join us on

Can we pray for you?

Our prayer team would normally be praying for people after church on Sunday
Since we can’t gather, they are ready to pray for any personal needs you may have.

Please send them to:
All requests will be kept in strictest confidence and known only to those praying for you.

Offerings Online

You can give your church offerings through Interac very simply by sending it to
No password is needed, and you will get a tax receipt, as usual, at the end of the year.


We are running our homegroups via Zoom – please contact your homegroup leader for details, or reply to this email if you are not connected.

Save the Date

Don’t forget to put these exciting events in your calendar

  • : Church Prayer Meeting on Zoom
  • : Men’s Brunch via Zoom
  • : Women’s Tea, Talk and Truth

This Sunday

This Sunday morning 11am, we’re meeting online at

  • Worship led by Dan
  • Andrew will be preaching on Shock, disbelief and wonder at the resurrected Jesus (John 20)

Tuesday Homegroups

Time Homegroup Location
7:30pm Downtown East meeting online
7:30pm Downtown Central meeting online

Wednesday Homegroups

8:00pm Northwest meeting online
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