Men’s Brunch (online) on Saturday, Guest preacher on Sunday, plus other news

We hope you are staying healthy at this time, and keeping safe!

We urge everyone to pray that the spread of Covid-19 will be quickly contained and will soon be over.
Please particularly pray for those in the healthcare professions who may be risking their lives at this time.
Let us use this as an opportunity to trust our faithful God and to show love to neighbours in need.

Men’s Brunch via Zoom this Saturday

Discussion on: How does the church respond at this time?

  • All Newlife men are welcome!
  • B.Y.O.B (Bring Your Own Brunch/Bacon/etc.)


This Sunday: live streaming

We are gradually improving our live stream for Sunday mornings. Sorry about the worship audio last Sunday—we hope to have that fixed this week!

David Campbell will be our guest speaker, preaching on on “A frightened world needs a fearless church”

After church fellowship time

  • Last Sunday we had a fellowship time after church on Zoom and it went well, so we plan to continue doing this.
    Please join us on

Last Sunday’s sermon: “What does the Promise of the Spirit of Truth mean for us?”

Your challenge from Sunday’s sermon:

  • Read some of Jesus’ words in the Gospels this week
    and as you do it, ask the Spirit to speak the words of Jesus into your heart
  • Then just stay with those words for a few minutes,
    asking the Spirit how you can respond (in thought, word or deed).
What does the Promise of the Spirit of Truth mean for us?
“What does the Promise of the Spirit of Truth mean for us?”

Offerings Online

You can give your church offerings through Interac very simply by sending it to
No password is needed, and you will get a tax receipt, as usual, at the end of the year.


We are running our homgroups via video linkup – please contact your homegroup leader for details, or reply to this email if you are not connected.

Massive library of quality Christian video available

Newlife church has a group subscription to Right Now Media, on behalf of anyone who regularly attends Newlife. You can get access to a huge library of high quality material including:

  • Bible studies and devotional material
  • Biblical teaching & practical training for different areas of life
  • Evangelism & apologetics
  • Children’s programming

If you come to Newlife and don’t have an account, or have one but forgot your password, please contact Jithin who will set you up.

Church Family News: Room Available

Levina is looking for someone to live in the den area of an apartment

This Sunday

This Sunday morning we’re meeting online at…Ev9e1UfJ5DIwA

  • Worship led by Dan
  • David Campbell will be preaching on “A frightened world needs a fearless church”

Tuesday Homegroups

Time Homegroup Location
7:30pm Downtown East meeting online
7:00pm Downtown Central meeting online

Wednesday Homegroups

7:30pm Northwest meeting online