Resources on Guilt and Self-Compassion

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Here are some resources on guilt and self-compassion relating to the sermon on Sunday:

Last Sunday’s sermon: “When our Conscience Turns Rogue - The God of all Comfort”

  • Are you constantly beating yourself up for your mistakes and failings?
    • Self-compassion is touted as the route to productivity, health and compassion for others
    • but in some cultures this evidently does not happen!
    • We look at a broader Biblical framework to explain this discrepancy
    • and learn what true self-compassion really is.
When our Conscience Turns Rogue - The God of all Comfort. You are not seeing any pictures because you have images disabled in your email. Enable images in your mail reader to see them.
When our Conscience Turns Rogue - The God of all Comfort

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Newlife Days Out this Summer

During July and August, instead of having men’s and women’s brunches we’ll be having days out for everyone, including kids.

  • The first of these is planned to be at High Park on July 15
  • More details TBA

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This Sunday

This Sunday morning we’re at our regular location, St Joseph’s College.

Meeting at St Joseph’s College, see here for directions
10:30–10:50 Pre-service Prayer Meeting
  • Worship led by Dan, Heather, Oksana, Mark, Miles
  • Andrew will be preaching
12:30–1:30 Refreshments

Tuesday Homegroups: Everyone is welcome

  • More about homegroups: here
Time Homegroup Location
7:30pm Downtown East The Fountains’ (Sackville & Carlton)
360 Sackville St, Toronto, M4X 1S4
7:30pm Downtown Central Braden & Claire’s (Bay & College)
763 Bay Street, Unit 2101 (Buzzer 568 or 917), M5G 2R3

Wednesday Homegroups

7:30pm Northwest Dan & Heather’s (St. Clair & Dufferin)
64 Earlsdale Ave

Hope to see you on Sunday!
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