Andrew Fountain - What God Loves to Do


Sermon notes - What God Loves to Do

God’s Favourite Work

  • If God were to tell us his favourite work, what would it be?
  • I know this would be “bring glory to his name”, but how?
  • Saving the lost?
  • Love?
  • How about: “Undoing all the evil Satan has done”
  • Turning the worst brokenness into the highest value
  • The most hopeless defeat ==> the greatest victory



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1. God Loves Unlovely People

  • Jesus seemed to specialize in loving unlovely people:
  • Examples ?? lepers, blind, corrupt tax-collectors
  • Jesus came to show us what God is like
  • The complete revelation. Not just one aspect.
  • God loves the unlovely:
  • This is at the centre of his identity

2. Saving someone like this reveals his power

  • “He/she’s a nice person—would make a good Christian”
  • Jesus has greater power than all the other powers in the universe put together
  • one man against 1000 demons and it is no contest—all they can do is plead to go into pigs
  • it is so pathetic it is almost funny if you think about it
  • There is no situation so bad that Jesus cannot turn it around

3. What God loves to do more than anything else

  • To undo all the damage that Satan has done!
  • Two kingdoms: Kingdom of God & Kingdom of darkness no contest
  • The character of the two kingdoms
  • Satan likes to twist & destroy people—Turn them into garbage
  • To take a person created in God’s image (as we all are) into trash
  • Stephen Donaldson series Chronicles of Thomas Covenant
  • Jesus loves to turn garbage into jewels
  • Trash into gold, silver and precious stones
  • He has a special joy in undoing all the human misery and wrecked lives
Sean (right)
Brian, Andrew & Dean
>Birmingham Betel
Sleeping quarters
Furniture Store
William (left)

4. How should we respond?

  • Maybe your life is in a mess
  • Jesus specializes in turning them around and replacing the bad stuff with good stuff
  • He loves to do it! Just come to him and ask him!
  • We are either members of the Kingdom of darkness or the kingdom of light
  • If Jesus is not your king, then don’t waste any time
  • All you have to do is to ask and he will take you into his kingdom
  • You have nothing to lose and everything to gain
  • don’t be like these people in v.17 who just wanted Jesus to leave

Our Response

  1. God Loves Unlovely People
    • We respond by having the heart of God in us
    • but first we must be secure in his love for us!!!
  2. Saving someone like this reveals his power
    • We believe in God’s awesome power for today
  3. What God loves to do more than anything else
    • We join him in doing this
    • Trusting his power in you, join him in undoing all the damage that Satan has done in this world