Andrew Fountain - The Silver Trumpets


The Silver Trumpets

Numbers 10:1–10 The Silver Trumpets

  • Read Numbers 10:1–10
  • In those days, covenants always began with a story (often called a preamble)
    • All about God’s faithfulness in the past
    • and then there would be commitments
  • When were the silver trumpets used?
    • David set up the ark of the covenant in Jerusalem
    • Trumpets to be played 1 Chronicles 16:4–37
    • They sing a song of the story of God’s covenant faithfulness
  • As we look at all the stories, we will see a pattern:
  • They engaged with God
    on the basis of his covenant
    and then his presence came
  • So what about the trupets being blown in time of trouble?
    2 Chronicles 13:4–15 —trumpets used as intended
    1. Begins with telling the story of David
    2. God made a covenant with us, and he is a faithful God! We trust him! We trust in him and obey him!
    3. Then God’s presence came!
  • But the most amazing story is a bit later
    • 2 Chronicles 20:1–30 Jehoshaphat
    • They praise God’s covenant faithfulness (actually, don’t even need the trumpets!!)
    1. They engaged with God (played the instruments and sang to God)
    2. on the basis of his covenant (They talked about God’s faithfulness and their own trust and commitment to him)
    3. and then his presence came (he rescued them)

What about the New Testament?

  • Acts 4:24–31
    • The first persecution had come to the early church as some of their leaders were arrested
    • Praised God for who he is and for the promises of the New Covenant
    • Prayed for his help in the form of the power of the Spirit
    • God’s presence came dramatically—the place shook
  • Acts 16:25–26 Paul and Silas in Prison
    • Engaged with God in Praise
    • God’s presence came dramatically

So what is our motivation for praising God?

  • His power
    • Luke 17:12–19 The one leper who praised God with a loud voice was blessed by Jesus with ?more healing?
  • His presence
  • Jesus says we are to pray “in his name”
    • Unpacking this, it is about what he has done for us in the New Covenant
    • Now we will sing a song about the new Covenant “In Christ Alone”